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In Don’t Starve Together, health is everything! Since it’s the only attribute that can keep you alive, having a good source to regenerate your health is always needed.

When it comes to healing in DST, you can use many ways to instantly regain your health. And one of the most efficient ways is to eat healing food.

In this article, we’ll go through the list of best food sources for health in Don’t Starve Together.

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The best food sources for health in Don’t Starve Together depend a lot on your playstyle, your base’s location, your ability to fight, and even your characters. But in general, the best food for health are Pierogi, Fishsticks, Wobster Bisque, Dragon Pie, Jerky, Butter, and Flower Salad.

Let’s see the full list of the healing food and how to cook them!

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Best Food Sources for Health in Don’t Starve Together

We all know that each food in Don’t Starve Together can help you gain both health, sanity, and an empty stomach. And to rank the best food sources for health, we just need to order them by the amount of health gained, right?

That’s not the case! Because some food is really hard to get than the others. Whether it’s the rarity of the ingredients or the challenge you have to face to get the food.

The list below will give you an idea of what food in DST heal you the most and how hard it is to obtain the food!

  1. Jellybeans

Jellybeans is a food item you can cook after defeating the Bee Queen – one of the most challenging bosses in Don’t Starve Together.

To cook one, you only need 1 Royal Jelly and 3 fillers. But don’t use monster meat or inedible items (twigs, bones, nightmare fuels) for the fillers.

It heals you 2 HP per 2 seconds for a 2 minutes duration, up to 122 health restored for a single food item. On top of this, Jellybeans will never spoil! Moreover, you can use other healing food to heal extra health in a boss fight.

  1. Gears (Only for WX-78)

If WX-78 is your favorite character, this one is good news for you!

Each gear can heal your robotic character by 60 HP, 75 hunger, and 50 sanity points. This is really overpowered item compared to other healing food.

But of course, getting gears in DST isn’t that easy. You either have to fight the clockwork monsters, explore the ruins, or catch the tumbleweed with a 1% chance.

  1. Wobster Bisque

Wobster Bisque is one of the best food sources for health in DST in Winter!

You will need 1 Wobster, 1 Ice, and 2 fillers to cook this meal. Once eaten, it restores 60 HP, 25 hunger, and 10 sanity points.

With that being said, you can only cook this food after your first Winter season because you need to gather ice. In addition, you need to craft a Sea Fishing Rod to catch the Wobster in the Wobster Mounds.

  1. Wobster Dinner

You guess it! This is an alternative version of the Wobster Bisque that can heal the same amount.

To cook it, you only need to replace the Ice with 1 Butter, which is a rare drop from a Butterfly with a 2% chance.

Since it’s harder to cook, Wobster Dinner restores up to 37.5 hunger and 50 sanity points.

  1. Fresh Fruit Crepes

If you have access to fruits and honey, let’s try this sweet food!

You need 2 Fruits, 1 Butter, and 1 Honey. The fruits can be whatever you want from all types of berries, bananas, durian, and more. You can get honey from the beehives, but watch out for the angry bees!

On eaten, it restores 60 HP, 150 hunger, and 15 sanity points.

  1. Dragonpie

Once you’ve set your base and have a good farm, remember to always feed your birds to get dragon fruits. When you have at least 1 dragon fruit seed, you can always multiply it later by feeding it to your bird again.

To cook a Dragonpie, you only need 1 Dragon Fruit and 3 fillers. You can use whatever for the fillers, including berries, twigs, or even ice.

A Dragonpie can heal 40 HP, 75 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

  1. Fishsticks

If you are afraid of fishing in a big ocean and would rather fish in nearby small ponds, we also got you covered!

With 1 Fish, 1 Twig, and 2 fillers of your choice (except more Twigs), you can cook delicious Fishticks that can restore 40 HP, 37.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

  1. Beefy Greens

Not all healing food in Don’t Starve Together requires you to defeat dangerous monsters! Instead, you only need to hunt down some annoying Grass Geckos.

With 1 Leafy Meat and 3 Vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, cactus, potatoes,…), you can cook healthy Beefy Greens. On eaten, it restores 40 HP, 75 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

  1. Flower Salad

Flower Salad is a good healing food in Summer. For each item, you can heal up to 40 HP, 12.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

To cook one, you need 1 Cactus Flower, 1.5 Vegetables, and 1 filler. It’s hard to cook this right since the filler can’t be fruits, meats, eggs, twigs, or honey.

The easiest way to cook a Flower Salad is by using 4 Cactus Flowers. However, it’s way too expensive! Instead, you can use only 1 Cactus Flower and 3 Mushrooms, 3 Kelp Fronds, or 3 Ice.

  1. Pierogi

Now we come to the most traditional healing food in Don’t Starve Together, Pierogi!

Before you go, make sure you have a sustainable source of eggs. So building a birdcage and capturing a bird is needed.

You can cook this with 1 Meat, 1 Egg, 1 Vegetable, and 1 filler (can’t be Twigs). The meat and egg are the musts, for the vegetables and a filler, you can use 2 mushrooms, 2 carrots, 2 ice, … You get the idea!

Each Pierogi restores 40 HP, 37.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

  1. Butter and Butterfly’s Wings

Butterflies in DST not only play a huge role to create a lively environment, but they also can be a good source of healing food.

Each butterfly on death can drop 1 Butterfly Wings with a 98% chance and 1 Butter with a 2% chance. Butter Wings can restore 8 HP on eaten, so it’s good to stock them up.

On the opposite, a single Butter can heal 40 HP and 25 hunger points at once. Moreover, Butter can be used for other useful healing food recipes like Fresh Fruit Crepes or Wobster Dinners.

  1. Glommer’s Goop

Although this is gross, 1 Glommer’s Goop can give you up to 40 HP (+18 more if you play Wormwood) and 9.375 hunger points. But your sanity will be decreased by 50, so be careful with those shadow creatures!

To obtain one, you have to capture the Glommer first by taking a Glommer’s Flower on the full moon at the Glommer’s Statue.

Once you have the Glommer, it will drop 1 Goop every 2-4 days. Not too fast, but you have a passive income for the healing food!

  1. Trail Mix

If you’re living in the Deciduous Forest biome, Trail Mix is the perfect healing food item!

You need to chop some Birchnut trees to get Birchnuts, then collect some berries and you only need to cook the berries.

To cook a Trail Mix, you need 1 Birchnut, 1 Cooked Berry or Juicy Berries, 1 Fruit, and 1 filler. The filler can’t be meat, monster meat, vegetables, eggs, or dairy.

Each Trail Mix restores 30 HP, 12.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

  1. Jerky

To make Jerky, let’s burn down some forest to get charcoals and combine them with some twigs and ropes!

Once you’re done building some Drying Racks, hang normal meat on them and wait for a few days. You will get yourself a tasty Jerky that can heal you 20 HP, 25 hunger, and 15 sanity points.

  1. Honey Nuggets and Honey Ham

Have some leftover honey and meat, even monster meat? Let’s try those 2 food items!

With only 1 Meat, 1 Honey, and 2 fillers (not Inedibles), you can make sweet Honey Nuggets. On eaten, it will restore 20 HP, 37.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points.

To make a Honey Ham, you need one more Meat in the recipe. Each Honey Ham restores up to 30 HP and 75 hunger points.

Those are the 15 best food sources for health in Don’t Starve Together!

It’s sad that Meatball isn’t on the list, but what is your favorite one so far?

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