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The more health you have, the longer you can survive in the Constant world of Don’t Starve Together. However, besides using normal healing methods, is there a way to increase your max health instead of just healing?

This guide will show you 3 ways to increase max health in Don’t Starve Together.

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To increase max health in Don’t Starve Together, you need to craft a Booster Shot and right-click it to use it. Each Booster Shot restores 25% of your max health penalty after death. In addition, WX-78 and Wurt are the only two characters who have the ability to directly increase max health.

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How to Increase Max Health in Don’t Starve Together

First of all, you must know the concept of max health in Don’t Starve Together.

Each character in the game has a different amount of max health points; the current health point can only be less than or equal to this limit, not surpassed.

In most cases (such as fighting or eating healing food), the only thing that can change is the current health point, not max health. However, when you die and become a ghost, respawning through the Florid Postern or Telltale Heart reduces your max health by 25%.

So, back in the day, the term “increase max health” refers to this scenario, where you have to use a Booster Shot to regain your max health penalty.

However, after lots of updates and character remakes, there are two other ways to actually increase your max health in Don’t Starve Together, not just regain it. Read on to learn both methods!

1. Increase Max Health by Using a Booster Shot

As mentioned, a Booster Shot increases your max health by 25%. It can be crafted with 8 Rots, 2 Nitres, and 1 Stinger using the Alchemy Engine.

The increased amount is the same as the penalty when you respawn using the portal or Telltale Heart. That said, using only 1 Booster Shot is enough for each time you die and respawn using one of the above methods.

Remember that Booster Shot can only increase your lost max health, not your actual max health when you started the world.

For example, if you play as Wilson with 150 max health, die 2 times, and respawn 2 times using the Florid Postern, your max health would be 75 (150 – 150 x 0.25 x 2) by this time.

You can then use only 2 Booster Shots to restore your max health back to 150. Using the third one results in nothing but a waste of another shot.

2. Increase Max Health with Certain Characters

Currently, WX-78 and Wurt are the only characters with new game mechanics that allow them to actually increase max health over their default max health.

First, WX-78 can insert circuits into his body to increase various stats, such as max sanity, max hunger, movement speed, and a lot more.

Among them, there are two circuits that can increase max health:

  • Hardy Circuit: increases 50 max health and requires 1 circuit slot.
  • Super-Hardy Circuit: increases 150 max health and requires 2 circuit slots.

Since WX-78 has a maximum of 6 circuit slots, the max health you can achieve with this character is 575 (using 3 Super-Hardy Circuits).

Wurt is a paid character who represents the Merm monsters in Don’t Starve Together. When playing as Wurt, you can create a whole Merm village and summon the King of the Merms.

With the king alive in the world, all Merms, including the player who plays Wurt, will have their stats increased. Specifically, your max health when playing Wurt with the alive king rises from 150 to 250.

That’s how to increase max health in Don’t Starve Together!

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