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In Don’t Starve Together, commands allow players to do anything they want in the game, such as teleporting to a specific location or changing the time of the day.

Moreover, they can be used as a debug helper to fix the game effortlessly if anything goes wrong. So, this article will guide you on how to use console commands in Don’t Starve Together.

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To use console commands in Don’t Starve Together, you need to press the “~” key on your keyboard, which is right above the “Tab” key and then type in a command.

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How To Use Console Commands in Don’t Starve Together

By default, you can use the console commands in DST by pressing the “~” key. Here, you can type in any commands you want, for example, commands to spawn items.

If nothing appears after you press “~”, then you must check the game’s setting to enable the console command.

First, depending on your platforms, locate the following file:

  • Windows or MAC: Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\numbers\client.ini
  • Linux: ~/.klei/DoNotStarve/client.ini

Then open it with NotePad and locate the line where it says:
console_enabled = false

Change the “false” value to “true” (without the quotation marks), restart the game, and try again.

That’s how to use console commands in Don’t Starve Together!

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