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Winter is indeed one of the most challenging seasons in Don’t Starve Together. Temperature freezes your character to death, while the plants won’t grow at all.

If Winter is an absolute nightmare to you, then besides learning how to survive with it, you should know how long does the Winter last in Don’t Starve Together too!

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In Don’t Starve Together, the Winter last for 15 days. The first Winter starts from day 21 to 35 and repeats every 70 days.

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How Long Does the Winter Last in Don’t Starve Together

Suffering from hypothermia isn’t a great experience, especially if you don’t have enough food and warm clothes to survive the Winter in Don’t Starve Together.

Fortunately, the game understands its players well.

Don’t Starve Together has four seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

If you keep every setting as default, Autumn is the starting season. This makes Winter your first nemesis since you have to learn the game mechanics and collect enough resources to survive the harsh season.

Since a default year in Don’t Starve Together has 70 days, we can easily calculate the Winter season will happen in:

  • The second Winter: Day 91 to 105
  • The third Winter: Day 161 to 175
  • The fourth Winter: Day 231 to 245
  • And so on!

Depending on your server setting, the duration of the Winter and the estimated dates above may change significantly.

There are five options for the season setting: very short, short, default, long, and very long. They affect the Winter’s duration as below:

  • Very Short: 5 days.
  • Short: 10 days.
  • Default: 15 days.
  • Long: 22 days.
  • Very Long: 40 days.

We made a table below for each specific setting in case you want to calculate how many days the Winter last in your world.

Winter #Very ShortShortDefaultLongVery Long

In addition, due to the algorithm in the code, sometimes you may find a season last longer one more day than usual.

This leads to an increase in the date count in a year and, of course, changes the Winter’s start and end day.

That’s how long does the Winter last in Don’t Starve Together!

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