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Winter is the first annoying challenge you have to face in Don’t Starve Together. It’s cold, plants won’t grow, many dangerous monsters rise, and a giant boss is waiting for you!

With hard conditions like that, many players can’t survive the first Winter in DST properly. That’s why today, we’ll guide you on how to survive Winter in Don’t Starve Together like a pro!

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To survive Winter in DST, you must have a thermal stone, always have some essential resources (and food) in inventory, prepare materials to craft warm clothes, and be ready for the Deerclops. For more details, tips, and tricks, read further!

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How to Survive Winter in Don’t Starve Together

To prepare for the Winter, gather as many cut grass, twigs, and logs as you can. Flints and rocks may also be important but are optional.

By days 15-20, you should have discovered a large portion of the map and found a good place to settle your base. It should locate near as many of the following criteria as possible, include:

  • The pig king area for protection and materials.
  • The savanna biome for rabbit meat.
  • Forest for logs and monster meat from spiders.

When you’ve decided on the place, build a fire pit, some chests, crock pots, and an ice box to make it your base. If you have extra materials, you can build a tent, a bird cage, some basic farms, a few drying racks, and a lightning rod to make your life easier.

You can use the search box in the new crafting menu to search for the above crafting recipes. Now let’s prepare for the Winter!

  1. Temperature is cold

The first thing you notice when Winter is coming is the snow will start falling all over the ground. Not only does this affect the visual effect of the game, but it also affects the temperature attribute of your character.

If you’re away from a light source for too long, you will be frozen to death. That’s why a Thermal Stone is an essential item to survive in Winter.

To craft one, you need 10 rocks, 3 flints, and 1 pickaxe with any durability.

Then you have to put a thermal stone near any fire source like the fire pit or campfire to warm it up. The hotter it is, the longer it will keep you warm!

You can notice this by looking at the color of the thermal stone. Normally its color is white, and it will turn to yellow and eventually to red if it receives enough heat.

Pro tip: Always have a campfire pre-crafted. This way, you can quickly put a fire source out to save your life in some dangerous situations.

Besides thermal stone, there are plenty of helmets or armor to keep you warm. A Puffy Vest crafted from a winter Koalefant Trunk or a Tam o’ Shanter dropped from the MacTusk will do the trick!

Moreover, you can always burn anything near you with a torch to generate heat. But remember not to burn down the entire forest or get yourself burned in the process!

  1. Food situation

In Winter, your crops won’t grow! Other plants like grass tufts, saplings, reeds, and berry bushes grow much slower than usual, so you better go to a new place to harvest instead of waiting for them to grow.

If you’re afraid of combat, you should gather and store as much food as you can in the Autumn. Collect berries, carrots, seeds, rabbit meat,… anything you can think of, and store them in the ice box.

Pro tip: You can build a bunny man farm early in the game for a constant source of meat. Just make a few trips underground and destroy some bunny houses. Then with only 1 carrot, you can farm up to 20 or more meat in 1 day!

If the bunny is too much for you, spiders in the nearby forest can satisfy your craving for food. They drop one monster meat each, and if you use it to cook with 3 ice, you’ll have a delicious meatball.

Besides snow, Mini Glaciers will spawn across the map and will drop 1-4 pieces of ice on broken. This is by far one of the best sources of food in Don’t Starve Together!

If your meat is almost spoiled, you can feed it to your bird for fresh eggs. With eggs, you can cook more useful healing food items like Pierogi.

  1. Manage your Sanity

Did you know that your sanity will drop even more in the Winter? Especially if you’re freezing.

Moreover, Winter in DST last 16 days, and the night in Winter is much longer compared to Autumn. This means your sanity will drop a lot more every night.

To keep your head cool, you must keep yourself warm, eat food like jerky (dry meat in the drying rack), pick flowers, sleep in the tent, or wear the Tam O’Shanter is also a good idea!

  1. Walking Cane

The walking cane is one of the most famous items in Don’t Starve Together!

It makes your character move 25% faster. That’s less time traveling around, less time gathering resources, and making it easier to kite when fighting other monsters.

To craft one, you need 2 gold nuggets, 4 twigs, and 1 walrus tusk. The tusk can be obtained with a 50% chance when killing the MacTusk, which only spawns in the Walrus Camps in Winter.

  1. Fight the Deerclops (boss of Winter)

This game is hard! When you’re familiar with the freezing Winter, you may think that’s it. But no, there is one final checkpoint you have to pass before going to the next season!

The Deerclops will spawn on the night of day 30 and can destroy your entire base. That’s why you should spend your time in Winter gathering more materials for this fight.

Pro tip: In Autumn, chop a lot of trees to find 2-3 treeguards and lure them home. Then plant a pine cone nearby to make them lose their anger. When the Deerclops come, lure it to the treeguards and watch the show!

Deerclops is actually super easy to fight! You can solo it with only a weapon and a good kiting technique. But still, if you’re not confident, prepare lots of healing food and armor, and you’re good to go!

There is so much more about surviving in the Winter in Don’t Starve Together. But overall, this article will help you prepare better for your next season!

Happy collecting materials, and enjoy The Constant!

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