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Sleeping is one of the best methods to regain your sanity and health in Don’t Starve Together.

While most players prefer using the Tent, learning other sleep methods can benefit you in different situations.

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In this guide, let’s learn how to sleep in Don’t Starve Together!

To sleep in Don’t Starve Together, ensure you have more than 26 hunger points and a safe place with no monsters nearby. Then, you can sleep in a Tent or Siesta Lean-to by left-clicking them or on the ground using Bed Rolls by right-clicking. Eating a Mandrake or being yawned at by the Bearger also puts your character to sleep immediately.

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How to Sleep in Don’t Starve Together

In Don’t Starve Together, sleeping doesn’t skip time but regains your stats instead.

In most cases, to be able to sleep, your hunger must be above 26, and your character will automatically wake up if your hunger reaches 0.

You can’t sleep if your character is in combat or there are monsters or bosses nearby, especially if a hound wave is about to come.

Once you’ve prepared the high hunger and a safe place, let’s learn the different ways to sleep in Don’t Starve Together!

1. Tent

The Tent is the most used structure in every DST base, as it allows any player to sleep to regain 2 health and 1 sanity for a small -1 hunger cost per second.

To build a Tent, you need to prototype it first using the Alchemy Engine. Then, you can craft it with 6 Silks, 4 Twigs, and 3 Ropes.

The material isn’t cheap, but not expensive either. However, with 15 uses, it’s totally worth the effort.

Once you’ve done prototyping and crafting the Tent, build it on the ground inside your base. Then simply left-click on it to sleep.

Remember that you can only use the Tent at dusk and night.

2. Siesta Lean-to

Opposite the Tent, Siesta Lean-to allows players to only sleep during the day to regain 2 health and 1 sanity for a -0.33 hunger cost per second.

The Siesta Lean-to also has 15 uses and needs to be prototyped first using the Alchemy Engine. To craft one, you need 2 Silks, 4 Boards, and 3 Ropes.

To sleep in the Siesta Lean-to, build it on the ground like a Tent and left-click on it.

In general, you can sleep all day long by using both the Tent (for dusk and night) and Siesta Lean-to (for the day). But be careful of your hunger, hound waves, and seasonal bosses.

3. Bed Rolls

There are two types of Bed Rolls in DST:

  • Straw Roll: need a Science Machine, 6 Grass, and 1 Rope to craft. It has only 1 use and regains 0.5 health, 0.67 sanity, and -1 hunger per second.
  • Fur Roll: need an Alchemy Engine, 1 Straw Roll, and 2 Bunny Puffs to craft. It has 3 uses and regains 1 health, 1 sanity, and -1 hunger per second.

Same as the Tent, you can only use Bed Rolls to sleep at dusk and night. However, the good thing about them is their mobility, as you can sleep anywhere you want.

To sleep, right-click on the Bed Roll in the inventory. Or left-click to pick it from your inventory, hover over your character, and left-click again to sleep.

Doing so makes your character pull out the roll and sleep right in the current position.

So, choose your sleeping location wisely, as lots of monsters will wander around in the dark to hunt you down.

4. Mandrakes and Bearger

The other ways to sleep in Don’t Starve Together are by eating Mandrakes and being yawned at by the Bearger.

However, it’s recommended to save Mandrakes to craft Panflutes instead of eating them for sleep, as there are only 2-5 Mandrakes per world.

Although you can farm Mandrakes by fighting the Klaus and opening the Loot Stash, it’s quite an effort just to sleep.

Alternatively, when a Bearger awakes from its sleep, it will yawn and put every creature on the screen to sleep, including the players. Having said that, this is an advanced but dangerous way just to sleep.

That’s how to sleep in Don’t Starve Together!

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