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Garden Hoe is essential for farming giant crops in Don’t Starve Together. However, not all players know how to use this cultivation tool, as it requires a particular turf.

In this guide, let’s learn how to use a Garden Hoe in Don’t Starve Together!

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To use a Garden Hoe in Don’t Starve Together, you must first make a Farm Soil Turf. Then, equip the hoe in your hand slot and right-click anywhere inside the Farm Soil Turf to till the soil.

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How to Use a Garden Hoe in Don’t Starve Together

In Don’t Starve Together, Garden Hoe (or Splendid Garden Hoe) can be used to till the soil in the Farm Soil Turf area.

That said, you must craft a Garden Digamajig first and use it to turn normal tiles into Farm Soil Turfs. Check this post to learn more about the process and our recommendation.

Once you have the turf, equip the Garden Hoe like other normal tools and hover the mouse on the turf area. Then right-click everywhere inside the turf to till the soil, creating farm soil to plant the seeds.

Tilling farm soils too close can destroy nearby farm soil, as each of them has a separate collision box. This gives the Garden Hoe another use: to destroy and relocate farm soil.

Moreover, you can use the Garden Hoe as a weapon, dealing 17 damage per swing in both versions.

That’s how to use a garden hoe in Don’t Starve Together!

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