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Lunar Island, a gorgeous place with new plants and weird creatures, is essential to progress further into the game. However, finding it can be a challenging task, especially for newcomers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Lunar Island in Don’t Starve Together.

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The most basic way to find Lunar Island in Don’t Starve Together is to sail the boat across the ocean and hope for the best. However, there are some tips and tricks to find it faster, including paying attention to the shape of the mainland and following the shallow water.

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How to Find Lunar Island in Don’t Starve Together

Lunar Island is located in the ocean biome and far away from the main spawn island. With its distinctive desaturated dark green color, you can easily recognize it compared to the rest biomes.

Back then, finding Lunar Island was much easier because of a simple glitch in the world generation.

If you see any biome on land with an unnatural straight cut, the Lunar Island is definitely in that same direction!

Old Method to Find Lunar Island – u/dsawchuk

The chance can be increased by finding another location with the same cut. Those cuts will point in the same direction, revealing the location of the Lunar Island.

However, things change pretty quickly, and in the recent updates, you can’t find those unnatural cuts anymore. Or, if you manage to find one, the chance to find Lunar Island this way is pretty low.

According to a post on Don’t Starve Together’s official forum, there are still 2 ways to find the Lunar Island.

1. Pay Attention to the Main Island Shape

The world in Don’t Starve Together has a square shape, and usually, all of the world’s elements should spawn around the center of the map, forming a circle as a result.

By paying attention to the main island shape, you can quickly notice which part is unbalanced or is cut off, leaving an ample black space with no way to get there except for traveling via boat.

This method requires you to fully explore the main island or at least its border to see the shape. Although it may take some time, it’s better than hopelessly traveling in the dangerous ocean!

Let’s take a look at some examples to learn this trick!

In the first example, we can see 2 possible spawn locations for the Lunar Island by fully exploring the map—one on the top left corner and one on the right. However, you can see that the right corner has more space, suitable for the Lunar Island to spawn.

The second example is quite tricky since the main island is located right in the center of the map, providing up to 3 possible spawn locations for the Lunar Island:

  • Top left (11 o’clock)
  • Bottom left (8 o’clock)
  • Right corner (3 o’clock)

For the third example, the Lunar Island can also spawn in 3 locations:

  • Top left (11 o’clock)
  • Left corner (9 o’clock)
  • And the entire part in the right corner (4-6 o’clock)

You don’t have to explore all the possible spawn locations in examples 2 and 3. Instead, there is a simple trick to reduce the possibility in those cases. Read on!

2. Stick to the Shallow Water

To find Lunar Island in Don’t Starve Together, paying attention to the main island shape is not enough. That’s why you should stick to shallow water to save time!

The shallow water in Don’t Starve Together is the part on the map where the ocean color is light cyan (or green). We can also call this the warm ocean biome.

The next time you travel on the ocean and see those deep water biomes with a dark blue color on the map, change the direction!

In addition, Lunar Island spawns quite close to the mainland. So, if you’re traveling for a while and keep seeing the deep ocean, it’s the signal to turn around.

Back to example 2 above, notice how the top left and the right corner have a lot of deep ocean biomes. Of course, there is an area of warm ocean in those areas, but they’re not much to keep you traveling in those directions.

The bottom left corner also has a deep ocean area in the center, but notice the distance between the main island and the Lunar Island; they’re all warm oceans.

Same reason for example 3, while the top left, left, and right corners are mostly deep ocean, leaving only the bottom area sufficient.

That’s how to find Lunar Island in Don’t Starve Together!

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