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Gears are one of the most useful resources in Don’t Starve Together, as you can use them to increase your chance of survival in the Constant world.

This guide will show you how to get gears in Don’t Starve Together!

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The 4 main ways to get gears in Don’t Starve Together are by killing monsters, digging graves, picking tumbleweeds, and breaking Broken Clockworks and Repaired Marble Sculptures.

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How to Get Gears in Don’t Starve Together

Gears can be used to craft multiple useful items, such as the Ice Box and the Ice Flingomatic. With WX-78, gears are also an incredible food source since it offers 60 health, 75 hunger, and 50 sanity points.

Gears are renewable material in Don’t Starve Together, as there are multiple ways to get them in the game. That said, let’s go into the details!

1. Kill Monsters

First, several monsters will drop gears on death, making killing the most straightforward way to get gears in Don’t Starve Together.

The table below shows the monster’s name, the number of gears, and the chance for the drop to happen.

MonsterGear DropChance
Clockwork Knights2100%
Clockwork Rooks2100%
Clockwork Bishops2100%
Ancient Guardian3-677%

Clockwork monsters only spawn in the chest biome, distributed randomly across the map. If you see a small area with marble trees and new turfs, there is a high chance it’s a chess biome.

On the other hand, Retinazor and Spazmatism are the upgraded version of the Eye of Terror boss, which can be summoned by activating the Fueled Terrarium. You get this item by adding a Nightmare Fuel to the Terrarium.

Moreover, once you kill the Ancient Guardian, a Large Ornate Chest will spawn with a 77% chance of containing 3-6 gears.

Although the Ancient Fuelweaver doesn’t drop any gears on death, it revives structures in ruins, including the broken clockworks and the Ancient Guardian. So, killing the Ancient Fuelweaver indirectly affect the number of gears you can find.

In the early game, fighting the clockwork monsters to get gears is advisable since they’re easy to deal with. The other four monsters are bosses, so try to avoid them unless you have some decent armor and good kiting skill.

2. Dig Graves

Located in forest biomes, graves usually spawn in large groups under the dense white fog.

Each time you dig a grave with a shovel, you’ll lose 10 sanity points and has a 3.07% chance of obtaining 1 Gear.

Besides, you can get many other useful things from graves, such as trinkets, gems, nightmare fuels, and even a Life Giving Amulet.

Each Don’t Starve Together’s world only has a fixed amount of graves, so there is a limitation for getting gears this way.

3. Pick Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweed is a common resource spawn in the desert biome. It has a sphere shape and tumbles around the area.

When picked, each tumbleweed gives 3 random items from its reward pool, with a 1% chance of giving 1 Gear. Based on probability, the chance for you to get a Gear from a single tumbleweed is roughly 2.97%.

It’s still considered low, but tumbleweed will continue to spawn in the desert biomes, making this method promising for getting gears in Don’t Starve Together.

4. Break Broken Clockworks and Repairs Marble Sculptures

Broken Clockworks spawn in large groups in ruins, and each structure has a 25% chance to provide 1 Gear when broken with a hammer.

If you’re familiar with the ruins and don’t afraid of the Nightmare phase, those Broken Clockworks are real treasures for gears.

Alternatively, you can break the Repaired Marble Sculptures in the new moon phase to get some gears. However, doing so will release the Shadow Pieces, another powerful mob to deal with.

That’s how to get gears in Don’t Starve Together!

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