Empires & Puzzles Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks To Win Levels

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Empires & Puzzles is a match-3 puzzle mobile game by Small Giant Games.

It revolves around building up your base while solving colorful puzzles for resources against waves of enemies.

With the help of your summoned heroes, you’ll fight against various monsters and titans.

Level up and build up your empire to reach the glory peak and stand on top of the world.

The game is available on both the App Store and Google Play for free.

Table of contents

Game introduction

In Empires & Puzzles, you will be solving numerous puzzles to advance levels while exploring different worlds for loot.

You will build up your stronghold for your army’s training and resource farming.

To improve your chances of winning, you will grow your kingdom to unlock more advanced buildings for faster progress, better troops, and upgrades.

Collecting and training unique heroes along with your troops to increase your battle power for map fights and raids is essential to prosper.

In the game, you can engage in exciting online PVP battles with other players for more items.

Players can band together in an alliance to gain resource benefits and to help each other grow.

Upgrade, level up, build up, collect and farm to stand on the top with puzzle-solving!

Resources and upgrading

The main in-game resources in Empires & Puzzles are iron, food, and recruits.

The most common way of obtaining iron is through mining, which later on is stored in iron storage units for use.

You can then spend it on construction and upgrading of the buildings. Keep in mind that iron storages have a limited capacity, so remember to level them up regularly.

Food is another essential resource needed for upgrades. It’s usually obtained through farming.

But you can also get it through watchtower and while advancing in the story.

The main food use is for hero training and leveling up. Like iron, food also has food storage units with limited capacity, so don’t forget to upgrade them too.

Recruits are also an important resource later on, as they can be trained into heroes.

Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect them. Upgrading your training camp will also unlock more training options for faster progress and growth.

To earn more items, you can complete missions, join an alliance for external help, and of course, don’t forget game events for rare and exclusive prizes.

Crafting and forging

Empires & Puzzles features a forging system that allows you to forge items that are very useful in battles using crafting recipes.

You can also craft regular items, including healing potions, mana potions, antidotes, arrow attacks, banners, and scrolls.

For item crafting, you will need resources, which you can get through story advancement while battling monsters for loot.

For example, if you wish to craft one Minor Healing Potion, you will need to have 500 food and 1 common herb.

Common herbs can be found in any battle as loot.

In these specific locations: Season 1 Province 1 and 8, season 2 province 9, season 3 province 3 and 19, there is an increased chance to find them.

Crafted items are very useful when you are in a pinch while fighting, so don’t forget to research and craft some before you go into battle for a higher chance to emerge victoriously.

Gems, shop, and energy

Gems are the most important currency in Empires & Puzzles.

With gems, you can substitute for missing materials, skip the wait time needed for upgrades, use them to summon heroes and troops, as well buy various item packs, resources, and battle items from the shop.

In the shop, item packs are similar to hero & troop summonings.

Most of them have item drop rates, and the items they contain will always get updated after a couple of days.

So if there are certain items that you wish to get, don’t wait too long, or they will be gone before you know it.

Also, keep in mind that the packs can only be purchased in limited quantities.

The game, besides money and building currencies such as iron, food, recruits, and gems, also have energy factors that will determine how much you can advance.

There are three types of energies – world energy for world battles, raid energy for raid battles, and finally titan energy for titan battles that you engage in with your alliance.

So take note of them when you prepare to battle for loot and plan accordingly.

Hero summoning, troops, and summon rates

Heroes in the Empires & Puzzles are color-coded.

There are five types of hero groups in total. Green, blue, purple, red, and yellow.

Each color represents an ability type:

  • Red – Fire
  • Blue – Ice
  • Green – Nature
  • Purple – Poison
  • Yellow – Light

Therefore before you go into battle, make sure to choose the best color combinations against the enemies.

We suggest having one color of each hero on your team for the best outcome.

Besides color differences, heroes are also classified depending on their specialty.

There are, for example, rangers, rogues, monks, fighters, barbarians, and paladins.

Depending on the hero class, their abilities will differ as well.

So make sure to pair up not only different colored heroes but also classes for mixed types of attacking options.

Heroes can be obtained through summoning.

To summon heroes, you need gems, but once a day, you will get one free daily summoner draw.

Hero summons are divided into legends summons, elemental summon, epic hero summon, epic troop summon, and daily summon.

Here are the summon rates for each type.

Daily Summon rates:

  • Common Hero: 32.0%
  • Uncommon Hero: 31.3%
  • Rare Hero: 3.3%
  • Common Troop: 16.0%
  • Uncommon Troop: 15.7%
  • Rare Troop: 1.7%

Epic Troop Summon rates:

  • Rare Troop: 90.0%
  • Epic Troop: 10.0%

Epic Hero Summon rates:

  • Rare Hero: 72.0%
  • Epic Hero: 26.5%
  • Legendary Hero: 1.5%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Elemental Summon rates:

  • Rare Hero: 71.0%
  • Epic Hero: 26.5%
  • Legendary Hero: 2.5%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Legends Summon rates:

  • Rare Hero: 71.0%
  • Epic Hero: 26.5%
  • Legendary Hero: 0.6%
  • Legendary Past Hero of the Month: 0.9%*


  • Legendary Featured Past Hero of the Month: 1.0%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Secret Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Secret Hero: 0.1%

Now you are ready to build your empire and thrive!

Hopefully, this guide helped you and will aid you on your journey to level up and beat levels.

If you have any input for this guide, feel free to share more tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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