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EverMerge is a relaxing puzzle mobile game for the casual player who enjoys merging objects and exploring new lands.

In the game, you have your own magical land filled with objects and candies for you to merge to discover new items.

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Along your journey, you’ll be completing orders, discovering new land, and solving matching puzzles.

In this guide, we lay out some of the tips and tricks you need to keep progressing in the game, such as merging bonuses, how to discover more land, and more.

EverMerge is created by Big Fish Games and is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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Game introduction

In EverMerge, players’ objective is to merge objects to create new ones, obtain resources, complete quests, and explore new land.

EverMerge takes place in a huge magical world that you will be unlocking more of as you play the game.

The basic task of the game is to merge three identical objects together to create one new higher-tiered object.

You can, however, also merge five identical objects together to create two items instead of one, which is obviously better.

The entire world of EverMerge is one big puzzle you solve along your journey.

To help you solve this massive continuously changing puzzle, you have orders to complete, gnomes to work for you, and rewards waiting for you.

You can also use the market to purchase objects your in need of right now in exchange for gold or gems.

Optimize gameplay with 5-merge bonuses

The single best thing you can do in EverMerge to get a great start and make sure you keep progressing at a fast rate is to do 5-merge bonuses.

The default merge in the game is combining three of the same object into one new item.

However, if you can find five of the same object, you can do a merge of all five objects instead, which yields two items instead of one.

As you can tell, you get better value by merging five objects instead of one. Thus, you should always aim for these.

To merge five objects together, lay them all next to each other in and drag on of the objects on the edge into the middle.

You can lay the five objects in any way as long as they all touch each other when you drag in one of the pieces to merge them all.

How to clear the fog

Clearing the fog is how you progress through EverMerge as it unlocks new land with a bunch of objects.

To clear the fog, you need to meet the different requirements of each new part of the land as well as have magic wands.

You can see the exact requirements of each piece of new land by looking at the lock icons above them.

There are two types of requirements for unlocking these – character requirement and level requirement.

If a piece of fog has a character requirement, you need to obtain that character before you can unlock the land.

Level requirements just require you to be the specified level before you can unlock it.

Some fog in the game has both a character requirement and a level requirement, whereas some only have one of the two.

Once you’ve met the requirements of a piece of fog, you need magic wands to unlock it.

You can see the exact number of magic wands you need to unlock fog above it once you’ve met its requirements.

To get more magic wands, complete orders, or find special chests.

Unlock new characters

Unlocking new characters is essential to progress through the game.

To unlock a new character, you have to collect specific objects.

You can see how to unlock the next character in line by going to ‘Discoveries’ on the right side of the screen and select the character tab.

By clicking the next character you can unlock, the one right next to your latest unlocked one, you can see how to create it.

Unlocking new characters come with several benefits, including more rewards and being able to unlock fog.

Complete orders for rewards

The best way to ensure you’re on the right track and that you can keep progressing through EverMerge is to follow orders.

You can find the list of current orders in the ‘Orders’ menu located on the right side of the screen.

Orders ask you to make different objects, including cakes and other desserts.

The reward for completing orders include coins and magic wands.

To make the objects for orders, you need ingredients, which you have to find throughout your world and from chests.

How to get more energy

Energy is an extremely useful resource in the game, as some actions cost energy.

Therefore, you will be, in certain situations, be stuck if you run out of energy.

To get more energy, you can do three things, wait for energy to replenish automatically, use daily scratch tickets for free energy, or buy more with gems.

Every three minutes, you replenish one energy, so be sure to spend all your energy daily as it replenishes as you sleep.

To claim your daily free energy, press the plus icon next to your energy, and use the scratch ticket.

Lastly, if you want to, you can buy more energy by spending gems.

How to get more gnomes

Many objects you create by merging in the game requires you to build them upon creating them.

To build an object you’ve found, click it, click build, and one of your gnomes will start working on it.

Later on in the game, as the time it takes for gnomes to build objects, you’ll probably find yourself in need of more gnomes.

You can get more workers, red gnomes, by either merging hammers, which you unlock later on, or by purchasing them from the market.

We hope this guide has helped you get a fantastic start in EverMerge!

If you have any other tips or tricks you believe should be included in this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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