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Fight waves of evil viruses in the arcade mobile game Virus War by Kunpo.

In Virus War, you maneuver a spaceship automatically shooting lasers and other powerful weapons at viruses.

If you get hit by a virus, it’s over, and you’ll have to try once more.

You earn coins by completing levels which you can then spend on upgrades to your ship, new weapons, and other boosts.

Virus War is a fast-paced mobile game that is simple enough for anyone to play and get the hang of instantly.

With the number of buffs and power-ups in the game, you’ll quickly feel like a powerful force in the war against viruses.

Virus War is available on both Google Play and the IOS App Store.

Table of contents

Basics of the game

Your objective in Virus War is to beat levels of viruses with a spaceship you control with your finger.

You can drag the spaceship around the map to dodge and aim at viruses.

Whenever you hold your finger on the screen, your ship automatically attacks head-on.

If you get hit by a virus, you die immediately, so be sure to dodge them!

Viruses have a number on them, which represents their total health value.

Every attack you hit on a virus brings its number and thereby its health down an amount depending on your upgrades, weapons, and boosts.

When a virus’ number reaches zero, it dies and either completely vanishes or splits into two or more new viruses.

Viruses move around the map, but generally downwards.

If a virus slips past you and gets to the bottom, it simply reappears at the top of the map with the same amount of health.

There are many different types of viruses, some of which have special abilities such as healing.

The game consists of levels you have to complete in order.

Some levels contain a boss, while others just feature lots of viruses.

You get coins from completing levels depending on what level it is and your coin upgrades.

Furthermore, you passively earn some coins which you have to claim to receive.

Lastly, you can upgrade your ship and weapons to keep up with the increasing difficulty of levels and improve your chances of winning.

That’s all you need to know about the basics of the Virus War!

Virus War mobile game gameplay screenshot

Strategy for survival

Survival is vital in Virus War.

If a virus hits you just a single time, it’s over, and you have to redo the entire level.

So what do you do when a horde of viruses swarm you all at once?

We have a couple of tips on how to increase your chances of survival.

When a virus takes damage, it briefly slows down significantly, which you can use to your advantage.

Right from the start of the game, your laser attack attacks rapidly, which means you can keep a virus at bay by continuing to attack it.

In many situations, you can save yourself from an inescapable situation by slowing down a virus.

You can also slow down multiple viruses by quickly dragging your ship back and forth.

However, slowing down multiple viruses is nowhere near as effective as focusing a single one.

Adding to the strategy of slowing down a single virus – you will take out that virus much faster because of your targeting.

Focusing on a single virus often helps you as it clears out a lot of space, giving you a chance to maneuver out of a tough situation.

Upgrade your ship

After beating a couple of levels in Virus War, it’s time to start looking at upgrades for your ship.

To upgrade your ship, go to the main screen and press the blue emitter icon in the bottom left corner.

Here, you can upgrade the laser weapon of your ship by spending coins.

There are two different upgrades you can purchase, Firerate and Firepower.

Firerate increases the rate at which you shoot your laser.

In other words, upgrading your firerate makes your ship shoot more laser beams per second.

Firepower dictates how much damage each of your laser beams deal.

Because both of these upgrades are great for increasing your damage output, you shouldn’t focus on only one of them.

Upgrade both firerate and firepower along with each other to maximize the increase in damage output per coin spent.

Stack coin value boosts

The best way to keep up the rate at which you progress is to buy coin value boosts.

Like regular upgrades, to buy coin value boosts, click the bottom right coin icon on the main screen.

Under the coin value menu, you can upgrade both coin value and daily bonus.

If you are actively playing the game a lot or have just started, focus exclusively on coin value, to begin with.

At the start of the game, you can get many hours worth of daily bonus coins from a single level, especially if you purchase coin value boosts.

If you aren’t struggling with the levels you are currently facing, we recommend focussing on coin value before upgrades to your ship even.

By purchasing coin value, you’ll find yourself very much ahead of the game quickly, as it is so powerful.

Later on, we do recommend you also start stacking up daily bonus earnings as well.

Collect daily bonus

Virus War has implemented a well-known feature from many RPG games, an AFK idle reward.

On the main screen on the right side, you can see a coin that is constantly charging up, increase the amount displayed below it.

You can claim that amount of coins by clicking collect.

The amount also increases when you aren’t playing the game, which means a chunk of coins will be waiting for you after you’ve slept or done something else for a couple of hours.

As mentioned in the previous section, you can upgrade the daily login bonus.

In the beginning, you don’t have to upgrade it as the reward from levels is so much greater than the daily login bonus, but later on, it really helps out.

Pick up those power ups

One of the best parts of Virus War is when you absolutely destroy a wave of viruses after picking up a ton of power ups.

Power ups in this game seriously impact your damage output with power ups ranging from increasing laser shots to more than 10 per line to spawning multiple extra ships.

On top of power ups being extremely powerful, they all stack.

When you get five or more power ups at the same time, your ship is usually so strong that you take out all enemy viruses before they even appear on the screen.

Other power ups include shields and coin bonuses, which can increase the number of coins you earn in a level many times.

Because of the significance of power ups in Virus War, you should always prioritize getting them whenever you see them.

Virus War power ups

Fill up the grand prize

Every time you clear a level, you fill the so-called grand prize bar a little bit.

When you’ve filled it up completely, you can claim the grand prize.

The grand prize gives you 10x the amount of coins you’ve earned in a given level.

Claiming the grand prize does force you to watch an ad, but as it is such a huge amount of coins you get, it is worthwhile in our opinion.

At least much more worth it than the usual 2x you always can claim.

Because the grand prize bar has to fill up before you can use it, you shouldn’t just use it immediately.

Instead, wait for a level in which you either fight a boss or get one or more coin power ups.

We earned more than five times as many coins in a level where we got coin power ups.

Thus we spent the grand prize on that one.

The results were more than 50 times as many coins from a single level than usual, that really goes a long way.

Unlock new weapons

Besides being able to upgrade your ship’s laser shots, you can also unlock and upgrade new weapons.

Weapons don’t replace your normal laser ability; you can use both a weapon and the laser at the same time.

You can, however, only use one extra weapon at a time besides your laser.

To get new weapons, you have to reach specific levels.

Here are all the levels at which you unlock a new weapon:

  • Level 5
  • Level 20
  • Level 40
  • Level 60
  • Level 80
  • Level 100
  • Level 120
  • Level 150
  • Level 180
  • Level 210
  • Level 240
  • Level 270
  • Level 300

Once you’ve unlocked a weapon, you can equip it by pressing the middle icon at the bottom of the main screen and selecting the weapon.

When you have selected a weapon, you can upgrade its firerate and power under the same menu.

Weapons are very powerful, so it’s very much worth it to upgrade them at the same rate as your laser.

How to get gems

Gems is the premium currency in Virus War.

You can use gems to buy more coins in the game, at a rate depending on your progress.

There are multiple ways to get gems in the game, including completing daily missions and collecting viruses.

Every day you are assigned a couple of daily tasks which you can find in the left-side menu.

Another way to get gems is to fill up the viruspedia, a gallery of all the special viruses you have taken out.

If you do your dailies and just play the game, you will get your hands on some gems quite quickly.

Virus War how to get gems

That’s all our tips and tricks for Virus War!

You are now ready to take down all those evil viruses.

If you have any other tips or tricks you believe should be in this guide, you can share them with us in the comments below.

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