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Grand Piece Online, GPO for short, is an open-world RPG game in Roblox where you fight enemies and complete quests to become stronger.

Throughout your adventures in Grand Piece Online, you’ll encounter players with many different devil fruits.

Devil fruits are special fruits that grant powerful powers and abilities upon use.

The devil fruit your character has is a major determent in how powerful it is.

But with so many unique devil fruits in the game, it can be difficult to know which one to use.

That’s why we’ve created this Grand Piece Online tier list that ranks all devil fruits based on how powerful they are.

Make sure to redeem all active Grand Piece Online codes, as some of them give devil fruit notifiers, which alert you when a devil fruit spawns.

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Best devil fruits tier list

One of the most important tasks in Grand Piece Online is to acquire and use a devil fruit.

Upon using a devil fruit in the game, you get access to its abilities and powers.

If you wish to compete with the best players and take on the toughest enemies, you need to have one of the best devil fruits. Otherwise, you’re going to be at a major disadvantage.

Devil fruits come in three overall categories:

  • Paramecia
  • Logia
  • Zoan

A devil fruit’s abilities and powers are determined by its type – here is a quick rundown of each one:

Paramecia devil fruits give your character special powers that don’t fall into a specific category, which means that the abilities of the fruit can be anything – except for logia and zoan-type abilities.

Logia devil fruits turn your character into the element of the devil fruit, making you immune to regular attacks from players that don’t have Haki-powered attacks.

Zoan devil fruits give your character the ability to turn into the animal or creature of the devil fruit, giving you new abilities and, in most cases, making you stronger while in the transformed form.

Common for all devil fruits is that your character loses the ability to swim when using one, but it is definitely worth losing the ability to swim for the powerful abilities a fruit gives.

Besides the type of a devil fruit, all of them are also one of four rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

The rarity of a fruit determines how likely it is to spawn in the world and, in general, how powerful it is.

You can get a devil fruit in GPO by finding it randomly in the world and picking it up or through ship farming.

Devil fruits spawn randomly every 1-4 hours and despawn after 1 hour if they are not picked up.

The spawn chance of each rarity of devil fruit in the game are:

  • Common = 59.5%
  • Rare = 26%
  • Epic = 10%
  • Legendary = 4%
  • Mythical = 0.5%

The following tier list ranks all devil fruits in Grand Piece Online based on how powerful they are.

You can also see the type, spawn probability, and rarity of each devil fruit in the tier list.

We will update this tier list as new devil fruits are released, and changes are made to the game.

IconDevil fruitRankTypeRaritySpawn probability
Dough Dough Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxDough-Dough / Mochi Mochi no MiSParameciaMythical0.5%
Magma Magma Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxMagma-Magma / Magu Magu no MiSLogiaLegendary4.0%
Rumble Rumble Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxRumble-Rumble / Goro Goro no MiSLogiaLegendary4.0%
Paw Paw Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxPaw-Paw / Nikyu Nikyu no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Bird Bird Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxBird-Bird, Model: Phoenix / Tori Tori no Mi, Model: PhoenixAZoanMythical0.5%
Flame Flame Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxFlame-Flame / Mera Mera no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Revive Revive Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxRevive-Revive / Yomi Yomi no MiAParameciaEpic10.0%
Sand Sand Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxSand-Sand / Suna Suna no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
String String Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxString-String / Ito Ito no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Quake Quake Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxQuake-Quake / Gura Gura no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Ice Ice Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxIce-Ice / Hie Hie no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Hollow Hollow Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxHollow-Hollow / Horo Horo no MiAParameciaRare26.0%
Light Light Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxLight-Light / Pika Pika no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Gravity Gravity Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxGravity-Gravity / Zushi Zushi no MiBParameciaLegendary4.0%
Shadow Shadow Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxShadow-Shadow / Kage Kage no MiBParameciaLegendary4.0%
Gum Gum Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxGum-Gum / Gomu Gomu no MiBParameciaRare26.0%
Bomb Bomb Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxBomb-Bomb / Bomu Bomu no MiBParameciaRare26.0%
Barrier Barrier Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxBarrier-Barrier / Bari Bari no MiCParameciaRare26.0%
Love Love Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxLove-Love / Mero Mero no MiCParameciaRare26.0%
Spin Spin Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxSpin-Spin / Guru Guru no MiCParameciaCommon26.0%
Clear Clear Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxClear-Clear / Suke Suke no MiFParameciaCommon59.5%
Kilo Kilo Devil Fruit Icon Grand Piece Online RobloxKilo-Kilo / Kilo Kilo no MiFParameciaCommon59.5%

The current tier list is based on the tier lists made by Grand Piece Online YouTubers, WinterKloudz & anchor, as well as input from the community.

That’s the tier list on the best devil fruits in Grand Piece Online!

If you want to help us make this tier list better, leave your suggestions and input in the comment section below.

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