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Though Hearts of Iron 4 is a game about beating your enemies with guns in the Second World War, there are a lot of mechanics that get the game really close to being categorized as a city-building simulator.

With the ability to improve Infrastructure, build Railways all over the country, and save the country from economic collapse, you’d think this was a normal game about managing a country.

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However, building all of these things takes a really long time, and players will have to figure out how many Civilian Factories to build to get this done. Luckily, there’s a cheat to get everything done in an instant.

To use the instant Construction cheat in Hearts of Iron 4, type “ic” in the command console, press Enter, and let days pass as everything in their Construction menu gets instantly built overnight.

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What Is the Instant Construction Cheat?

The cheat to instantly complete buildings in the Construction menu in HOI4 is just a simple syntax:


So, to use the cheat, you would have to open the command console and type in “ic” or “instantconstruction”. Once you do this, all of the buildings in the Construction menu that have at least 1 Civilian Factory assigned to them will finish being built at 00:00.

The problem with this cheat is that the AI also gets the advantages, which means they will also construct all of their buildings in an instant.

Also, due to the fact that only buildings with an assigned Civilian Factory will get built, countries with more Civilian Factories will gain more from this cheat than smaller ones.

So, if you’re playing a small, minor country, you’d mostly help countries like the US, the USSR, and France.

Another thing that the cheat does is that it instantly finishes ships in the Production tab as long as they have at least one Naval Dockyard assigned to them.

Again, USA will get a huge boost from this, considering they have the largest amount of Naval Dockyards.

Though this cheat will often help the AI more than it helps the player, it is still a good way to instantly get what you want. However, don’t forget to disable it once you’ve built what you want since you’ll otherwise see a world with all Building Slots filled.

How to Use Instant Construction Cheat in HOI4

  1. Open the command console by pressing ~ on the keyboard.
  2. Write “ic” or “instantconstruction”.
  3. Press Enter.

To disable the cheat, just open the console, write “ic” again, and press Enter.

You’ll see in the console this message “Instant constructions DISABLED.” Otherwise, the last message will be “Instant constructions ENABLED.”

That’s everything you need to know about how to use instant Construction cheat in Hearts of Iron 4!

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