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In HOI4, focuses are the main mechanic that will guide your country’s economy and improve the military and political situation of the player controlling the nation.

Each focus in the game can drastically change the future of the country, as it can instantly annex other nations, change the political power balance, add factories for free, both military and civilian, and even gift fully equipped units at maximum experience.

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The focus tree is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a HOI4 player and this is why knowing how to use the focus cheat will allow you to understand how to play that country in the future better and learn how all the events work.

To use the focus cheat in Hearts of Iron 4, type “focus.autocomplete” in the command console and press Enter. The moment the cheat is activated, it will also affect the AI, so make sure that the time is stopped for optimal use.

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How to Use the Focus Cheat in HOI4

The command to complete focuses instantly in HOI4 requires the players to use a simple syntax:


This is an universal command, which means that the AI will also benefit from this cheat. To make sure that the AI doesn’t complete all of their focus tree instantly, stop the time before using the cheat.

The way this cheat works is that you will instantly complete a focus if you select it in the focus tree. The AI will only select focuses at the end of the day, which means they will complete a focus every day. By stopping time, you’re the only one that will complete focuses.

Very often, you will likely won’t be able to select focuses due to requirements. To make sure you can also select most of the focuses, also use the “focus.nochecks” cheat.

This will allow you to select any upcoming focus in the tree, without checking the requirements.

However, there is also another problem you can bump into. Focuses also have prerequisites. For example, most focuses have as a prerequisite to complete the previous focus in the tree.

To complete any focus you want, even the one at the end of the tree instantly, also use the “focus.ignoreprerequisites” cheat.

With these three cheats, players can have any kind of fun they want with the focus tree:

  • focus.autocomplete
  • focus.nochecks
  • focus.ignoreprerequisites

How to Use Focus.autocomplete Command

  1. Open the command console by pressing ~ on the keyboard.
  2. Write “focus.autocomplete”.
  3. Press Enter.

To disable the cheat, just write the command again in the console and press Enter. You should now see [Focus.AutoComplete] Disabled in the command console, signifying that you did the right thing.

That’s everything you need to know about how to set the ruling party in Hearts of Iron 4!

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