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There are more than 30 heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure and there will probably be more as the game continues to grow.

Players love collecting and summoning new heroes, and luckily, there are several ways of doing just that.

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In this guide, we cover the following methods of getting new heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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Wishing Shrine

The primary way to acquire new heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure is by utilizing the Wishing Shrine.

Here, players can summon random heroes by exchanging Recruitment Tickets, Diamonds, or Hearts (friendship points).

Furthermore, each premium-summon grants players 10 Premium Points, 1000 of which can be exchanged for a random 5-Star Hero once you are VIP3.

Hero summon in Mobile Legends Adventure

Besides being able to summon heroes by spending in-game currencies, you receive timers every so often.

You receive a free common-summon every 8 hours, and a premium summon every 48 hours.

Summoning shrine common premium and friendship summon Mobile Legends Adventure


On the left side of the main screen, you’ll find the Market building.

Inside this, different items are for sale, including hero fragments.

Collecting a certain amount of a specific hero fragment allows you to combine them into that hero.

Hero fragments cost diamonds and are usually sold in an amount equal to the required amount for combining fragments into the actual hero.

The Market also sells recruitment tickets which you can use at the Wishing Shrine to summon new heroes.

You have to use the Refresh button for the Market to display new items.

Every 4 hours you receive a free refresh, or you can spend a few diamonds to refresh sooner than that.

Market shop Mobile Legends Adventure


There are always different events going on in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Find which events are currently running by pressing the Event button on the left side of the main screen.

Most events have some variation of exchange, collecting, or mission-clearing element which rewards players with heroes of hero fragments.

An example of an event that is great for getting new heroes is the cake Exchange Event that is active at the time of writing.

Here, you can exchange 500 pieces of cake for 50 5-star hero fragments.

Pieces of cake are obtained through idling rewards.

Depending on when you read this, another event is probably running.

However, it is likely that it is similar to this one.

You can see how much time is left of an event by checking the Remaining Time under the specific event tab.

Event rewards Mobile Legends Adventure

Rewards

When starting a new account or on a new server, you can earn great rewards from the sign-in event, including heroes, diamonds, and premium recruitment tickets.

The ladder of which can be exchanged for heroes.

You should take advantage of this event as you’ll receive a total of 2 heroes, one 4-star and one 5-star, and 10 premium tickets + 1500 diamonds.

rewards Mobile Legends Adventure

Friendship System

Adding other players to your friend list in Mobile Legends: Adventure is an excellent idea if you wish to acquire more heroes.

Every single day, you can send Hearts, also known as friendship points to your friends, and they can send Hearts to you.

Hearts can be exchanged for summons at the Wishing Shrine at a rate of 1:10, meaning 10 Hearts gives you one hero.

You can have a total of 30 friends on your friend list, making you able to earn quite a few heroes quickly without doing anything but merely sending and receiving Hearts.

To get more friends quickly, go to the world chat in the bottom left corner, and write “add me,” and add all of those who write the same.

You can also add anyone who writes anything in the chat.

Friendship system Mobile Legends Adventure

Shrine Shop

Whenever you dismantle heroes, you receive different items including Shrine Crystal.

Inside the Dismantle Shrine resides the Shrine Shop, which sells various 5-star heroes and hero fragments.

Not only is this shop a great way to get new heroes – it is a way to be guaranteed to get either 5-star or 4-star heroes depending on what type of shard you purchase.

Learn more about how to get Shrine Crystals in our guide on how to get rid of heroes.

Shrine Shop items in ML: Adventure


You unlock the Crusade in ML: Adventure at chapter 5, level 10.

The Crusade is a series of levels with increasing power.

Like in the Labyrinth, if your hero is slain, they won’t respawn until the Crusade resets.

By completing levels in the campaign, you earn rewards, including Crusade Coins.

You can exchange Crusade Coins for emblems, heroes, and hero fragments in the Crusade Shop.

Therefore, you should do the campaign each reset.

Along the Crusade road, you also stumble upon secret shops that sell summoning tickets.

Crusade Shop heroes ML Adventure


Utilizing the Tavern and its missions is another way to acquire new heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Every single day you are assigned a series of new tavern missions.

To complete them, assign the requested combination of heroes and wait.

Rewards from these missions include diamonds, summoning tickets, and hero fragments, making the Tavern another great building to utilize daily.

Tavern summoning tickets reward Mobile Legends Adventure

That’s how to get heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure!

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