Introducing Stradall, the First Card Game that Allows You to Own, Sell, Trade, and Manage Digital Cards

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The introduction of blockchain into the gaming industry has opened up numerous opportunities for gamers to play and earn. With the gaming market expected to exceed the $286 billion mark before 2027, Stradall, a nascent blockchain and NFT-based card game, is working to deliver an enthralling, immersive, and immensely rewarding platform that will drive the industry forward.

Stradall is the pioneer card game that allows gamers like yourself to buy, own, sell, trade, and manage multiple officially licensed cards that feature some of the most luxurious and reputable cars.

In the Stradall gaming universe, managers or gamers are entrusted with building garages and composing a group capable of battling in several car races to win special rewards and prizes.

Stradall combines P2E, automobile gaming, and web 3.0 to offer an ownership-based monetization strategy. The cards represent specific automobile brands and their real-life features.

Stradall’s Gameplay

The game was built for gamers to buy and own in-game materials. Each player must acquire a racing card, assemble a team, and subsequently partake in countless races to win prizes.

Players must employ unique schemes and smart approaches to beat other players and clinch beneficial rewards and in-game card upgrades.

It features multiple game modes; designed to meet players’ preferences. The Duel Mode will see two participants race against each other, and the winner takes the rarest card of the opponent. The Race Mode features twenty participants, all expected to pay an entrance fee, and the winner receives the rarest card of the player that finished last. The Grand Prix is an unlimited participants’ event where the winner receives NFTs and Metanol ($MTNL) as a reward.

Stradall’s Currency, $MTNL

$MTNL or Metanol is the component that rewards gamers for their plays. It is a tool for in-game card upgrades, participation in upcoming Global Championships, as well as payments for several game supplies and items. Additionally, $MTNL will serve other purposes such as;

  • Players will earn $MTNL when they play and win races regularly
  • Players can make payments for minigames and earn more points with $MTNL
  • Players will get management and staking rewards in $MTNL for investing in Stradall
  • Players can buy NFTs, physical merchandise, and stake tokens using $MTNL

According to the Stradall team, the token presale will officially kick off later this year, followed by multiple exchange listings. As part of Stradall’s vision to build a genuinely rewarding ecosystem, one $Metanol holder will stand a chance of winning the prestigious Alpine A110 Limited Series designed in recognition of Olivier Panis’ 1998 Grand Prix Formula 1 victory. The lucky winner will receive this prize directly from Mr. Panis at any place convenient.

Features of the Cars

As previously mentioned, each card is a vivid depiction of an array of luxurious cars and their real-world features. There are 4 vital characteristics and twenty more in the game code.

The four vital features—Acceleration, Speed, Power, and Torque—are on par with the real-world attributes of the car, ranging from zero to ten. Stradall also introduces four levels of rarity—Unique, Legendary, Rare, and Limited. Each level offers distinct XP bonuses applied to the attributes of the car. The longer you own your car, the more XP bonus you get.

Stradall is made up of experts in various industries actively working to link blockchain gaming, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the automobile space.

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