Lost Ark – How to Dismantle Items & What to Do With Old Gear

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Throughout your adventures in Lost Ark, you’ll quickly amass a bunch of equipment that fills up your bag.

Most of the items that you find won’t be better than what you’re already wearing, leaving you only one choice, getting rid of them.

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If you’ve played any other MMORPG, you probably know about item dismantling, which is often the best thing to do with unused gear.

You can also dismantle gear in Lost Ark, which in return will give you various materials that you can sell to merchants for more silver.

The best thing to do with old gear that you do not need in Lost Ark is to dismantle it and sell the materials that you get to a merchant.

To dismantle items in Lost Ark, open up your inventory, click the dismantle icon in the bottom-left corner of the inventory window, select the items that you wish to dismantle, and click the yellow Dismantle button.

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How to dismantle items

Dismantling items is what you should be doing with old gear that you accumulate and don’t need.

Here is how to dismantle items in Lost Ark:

  1. Open you inventory
  2. Click the dismantle icon at the bottom of the inventory window
  3. Select the items that you wish to dismantle
  4. Click the yellow Dismantle button

The dismantle icon is the middle one with a hammer breaking some material on it.

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When choosing what items to dismantle, you can drag each piece of equipment, or you can click the rarity buttons that’ll instantly select all items in your bag of that rarity.

Lost Ark Dismantling Gear
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The only use of materials that you get from dismantling is to be sold to vendors for silver.

Remember to claim the dismantle rewards after dismantling an item or multiple items!

Dismantling allows you to keep farming without having to go back to a merchant every few minutes because of full bags.

Later on in the game, when you start farming, you might want to use the Auto-Dism. Stg. feature, which is an auto-dismantle filter.

When using the auto-dismantle filter, you can choose what type of gear, their rarity, item rank, etc., you want to instantly dismantle as soon as you pick it up.

What to do with old gear

A natural thought in Lost Ark when you start playing the game is what to do with gear that you don’t need as it starts to fill up your inventory.

You have two choices of what to do with gear – should you sell it to a merchant or dismantle it?

The best to do with old gear that you don’t need in Lost Ark is to dismantle it and sell the materials that you get to a merchant.

You will both get more silver out of your gear by dismantling it, and it won’t fill up your inventory.

We tested how much silver we got from equipment by selling it directly versus dismantling it and selling the materials we got.

From a level 16 rare chestpiece that sells for 12 silver if sold directly, we got 1 Useful Equipment Piece and 3 Broken Equipment Powder, which sells for a total of 13 silver.

From a level 16 uncommon glove that sells for 6 silver, we got 8 Broken Equipment Powder that sells for 8 silver.

Though not a major increase in silver gained, the small boost that you get adds up.

That’s what you should do with old gear and how to dismantle it in Lost Ark!

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