Maplestory – How To Get Charm and Unlock Pocket Slot

Maplestory – How To Get Charm and Unlock Pocket Slot

To unlock the pocket slot in Maplestory, you need to get your charm level to 30 and complete the quest Excessively Charming, which requires you to collect a rose clipping.

Once you’ve unlocked the pocket slot, you can equip pocket items, that give useful stats, especially if they have a flames buff of %stat.

The fastest way to get charm in Maplestory is to trait potions and farm equipment that gives charm when you equip them. Once you reach level 30 charm, you can unlock the pocket slot by completing the quest Excessively Charming – more information below.

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How to get charm

Before you can unlock the pocket slot, you need to get your charm level to level 30.

You can see your current charm level by opening character info in the ‘Character’ menu at the bottom of the screen.

Inside the character info window, press ‘My Traits’ and hover over Charm. You can then see your current charm level.

The fastest way to get your charm level to 30 is by using trait potions. These are potions that increase a trait by a significant amount.

You can obtain trait potions through events and the daily login rewards system, so be sure to look out for trait potion rewards in current events.

To check current events and their rewards, press the ‘Event’ button in the bottom menu and select Event List.

If you’re unable to obtain trait potions, collecting equipment that gives charm upon equipping is the fastest way to get charm.

Many pieces of boss equipment like Zakum Helmet and Horntail Necklace give charm when you equip them.

You should fight the following bosses daily if you’re looking to get as much charm as possible.

  • Zakum (Zakum Helmet)
  • Horntail (Horntail Necklace)
  • Chaos Root Abyss bosses (Queen’s Tiara, Pierre Hat, Vellum’s Helm, Von Bon Helmet)
  • Gollux (Solid and Cracked Engraved Gollux Belt)
  • Von Leon (Von Leon Gloves)
  • Pink Bean (Black Bean Mark)

To further increase the charm you get from these items, take them to Ardentmill after equipping them and fuse two of the same item for a new one.

Two other pieces of equipment you can farm for charm are Basic Belts from the Mu Lung Dojo and Mustaches from the Monster Park.

How to unlock pocket slot

Once you’ve reached level 30 charm, you can unlock the pocket slot in Maplestory.

As soon as your charm level reaches 30, you will get a quest in the Maple Mailbox (Star icon) on the left side called Excessively Charming.

Completing the quest, Excessively Charming, will unlock the pocket slot.

This quest requires you to collect one rose clipping and deliver it to Big Headward.

You obtain the rose clipping from harvesting any herbs in the game.

If you haven’t learned the herbalism skill yet, go to Ardentmill and talk to Saffron.

Once you’ve learned herbalism, we recommend just going to the first herbalism map right next to Saffron, as you’ll have the highest chance of successfully harvesting herbs here.

The rose clipping is a random drop from any herbs, so keep harvesting until you get the rose clipping.

Herbs all over the Maple World also has a chance to drop the rose clipping.

If you’re already a high level in herbalism, we recommend you go farm better herbs at high-level maps.

If you run out of fatigue while harvesting herbs, you’ll have to wait till your fatigue resets the next day.

When you’ve found a rose clipping, go to the Hair Salon at Henesys Market in Henesys. Here you’ll find Big Headward.

Speak to Big Headward to complete the quest, and your pocket slot will now be unlocked.

That’s how to get charm and unlock your pocket slot in Maplestory!

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