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The inner ability system in Maplestory gives your character three lines of stat boosts, which can significantly impact the damage output of your character.

To unlock your character’s inner ability in Maplestory, you have to reach level 50 and then accept the quest, ‘The Eye Opener’, through the quest lightbulb on the left side.

After talking to the Maple Administrator NPC, your inner ability is unlocked.

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Your inner ability follows the potential system, which means your stat boosts can be either Rare, Epic, Unique, or Legendary.

The higher the tier, the better the stats of each line can be.

You can reset your inner ability by spending honor EXP or circulators.

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How to unlock inner ability

Having three amazing inner ability lines can seriously impact the damage output of your character in Maplestory.

Unlocking your inner ability is fast and doesn’t cost anything.

To unlock your inner ability, you first have to reach level 50.

Once you’re level 50, click the light bulb icon on the left side of the screen.

Here, you’ll find a lot of available quests. Look for the quest called ‘The Eye Opener’ and select it.

Go through the dialog with the Maple Administrator NPC and your inner ability will be unlocked.

Your inner ability will start at the lowest tier, Rare, but can go tier up to Epic, then Unique, and then Legendary as you reset.

Resetting your inner ability rolls three new lines of stat boosts at the cost of either honor EXP or circulators.

Every time you reset your inner ability, there is a small chance that it will tier up to the next rank.

Once it has reached Epic or higher, there is, however, also a small chance that it will drop in rank upon reset.

When resetting, you can lock the current rank of your inner ability and one or more specific lines if you have something you wish to keep.

Locking rank or lines when resetting will, however, cost a lot more honor exp.

We recommend you don’t lock rank or any lines until you get your inner ability to legendary rank, then you can start locking rank and lines.

Even though your inner ability will probably drop down to Epic from Unique a couple of times before reaching Legendary, it’s the best method, according to most players.

That’s how to unlock the inner ability in Maplestory!

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