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Gold Beach is a popular training spot from level 30-40 with several great maps for leveling up quickly. Learn more in our Maplestory Training Guide.

To get to Gold Beach, head to the Six Path Crossway on Victoria Island and speak to the Pilot Irvin. Alternatively, you can use the Maple Guide Teleporter or the Hyper Teleport Rock.

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You can find more information on these methods below.

Mobs at Gold Beach were once a specific level. However, now mobs at Gold Beach scale to your level from level 30 to 59.

Even though the maps at Gold Beach now scale to your level until level 59, we don’t recommend staying there until then.

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How to get to Gold Beach

There are a couple of ways to get to Gold Beach in Maplestory.

The first is by heading to Six Path Crossway located on Victoria Island and speaking to the NPC, Pilot Irvin.

You can quickly get to Six Path Crossway by taking the regular taxi in any town to Sleepywood and going through the portal on the far left.

Once at Six Path Crossway, jump up to the long rope in the middle and climb it.

Around halfway up the map, you’ll find Pilot Irvin on the right side.

Speak to him and press ‘Yes’. He will then take you to Gold Beach instantly for free.

The second way to get to Gold Beach is through the Maple Guide menu.

To open the Maple Guide menu, press the character tab in the bottom menu, and select Maple Guide.

Press the plus button in the top right corner of the Maple Guide window.

Under the Level Content tab, look for press the circle with 30 or 40 under it and select Gold Beach on the right side.

On the Gold Beach pop-up window, press move at the bottom. This will instantly teleport you to Gold Beach.

The final way to get to Gold Beach is by using the Hyper Teleport Rock, which is recommended for players on the Reboot server.

Hyper Teleport Rock is an item that allows you to teleport to any map instantly by just double-clicking it on the world map.

On the Reboot server, you can purchase this item in the cash shop with mesos. On regular servers, you can purchase it with NX.

Therefore, we recommend you purchase it if you play on Reboot, as it will save you a lot of time traveling around the Maple World.

That’s how to get to Gold Beach in Maplestory!

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