Maplestory – How To Buy NX With Mesos

Maplestory – How To Buy NX With Mesos

Some of the best items in Maplestory, including Red and Black Cubes, can only be purchased from the cash shop with NX.

However, with the introduction of Meso Market, players can now purchase maple points, that work just like NX directly in the game.

To buy maple points, which is the same as NX, head to the Free Market, and speak to Miss Richfield. Select ‘Sell Mesos’, choose the amount of mesos you wish to sell for NX, and press ‘Place Listing’.

You can see the average and latest NX to meso rate in the middle of the Meso Market window.

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How to buy NX with mesos

The Meso Market in Maplestory allows players to exchange mesos to maple points or maple points to mesos.

Maple points work the exact same way as NX prepaid and NX credit, which means you can buy any item in the cash shop with maple points for the same price.

To buy NX with mesos, head to the free market, and speak to Miss Richfield, the Meso Market Manager. Alternatively, you can use the quick move feature in some towns, including Henesys.

Select ‘Lemme into the Meso Market!’, and you’ll be prompted to type your PIC.

After this, the Meso Market window will appear where you can exchange mesos for NX.

Go to the ‘Sell Mesos’ tab at the top of the window, choose the amount of mesos you wish to sell for NX, and then click ‘Place Listing’.

You can set the desired selling price yourself if you want to, which is the mesos to NX rate per 100 million mesos.

If you don’t write anything yourself, it will automatically choose the latest exchange rate.

We recommend just leaving the latest exchange rate for a faster transaction.

You can, however, also see the average meso to NX rate in the middle of the Meso Market window if you want to use that instead.

An exchange rate of 2355, for example, means that you’ll be getting 2355 maple points minus fees per 100 million mesos you sell.

Under ‘Calculated Transaction’ on the right side, you can see the exact amount you’ll be getting after fees.

The current meso to NX rate depends on how many people and buy and selling mesos and NX.

You can do up to 5 listings per day, so if you plan on selling a lot of mesos, be sure to do the maximum amount of 1 billion mesos per listing.

The introduction of the Meso Market is not only convenient for players, especially the free-to-play ones, but have also helped against meso selling websites.

Now players can buy NX with mesos and mesos with NX directly in the game without breaking any rules and risking getting banned.

That’s how to buy NX with mesos in Maplestory!

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