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Players can purchase various items in the cash shop of Maplestory by spending real money on NX, buying NX with mesos, or obtaining Maple Points and reward points through gameplay.

Most cash items purchased in the cash shop are not permanent – they expire after a while.

Some cash items, including hair and facial changes, Premium Surprise Style Box clothes, and inventory slots, are, however, permanent.

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All items that are one-time use, such as cubes and name change coupons, are also, in a sense, permanent, as their effects of them are permanent upon use.

Do notice, that some items, including cubes and name change coupons, expire if you don’t use them within their expiration time.

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Are cash items permanent

The premium currency in Maplestory is NX, which players can use to purchase special items in the Cash Shop.

A lot of the items you can purchase in the Cash Shop are not permanent and have an expiration date of 90 days after the purchase date.

Here is a list of the most common items players purchase in the cash shop that expire.

  • Pets (expire after 90 days)
  • Hyper Teleport Rock (expires after 1, 7, or 30 days)
  • 2x EXP cards (expire after 4 hours or 1 day)
  • NX outfits, including weapons and accessories (expire after 90 days)
  • Effects and expressions (expire after 90 days)

You can check whether or not a specific cash item expires by hovering over it in the cash shop.

Some items that are one-time use, such as cubes, scrolls, name change coupons, Platinum Scissors of Karma, Familiar card, and Gachapon tickets, all expire if you don’t use them before their expiration date.

However, these items’ effects or rewards are permanent once you’ve used them, so don’t forget to use them after purchase.

Nexon does sometimes run events where players can purchase exclusive cash items, including pets and outfits, that are permanent. These are, however, not frequent.

One item players can always buy in the cash shop that is permanent is Premium Suprise Style Box.

Upon purchase, Premium Suprise Style Boxes give permanent NX clothes, that players can even trade with each other.

Premium Suprise Style Boxes can be purchased from the SSB tab under Event in the cash shop.

The price of Premium Suprise Style Boxes is 3,400 NX each or 34,000 NX per 11.

As mentioned, you can trade the permanent cash outfits from Premium Suprise Style Boxes with other players.

Therefore, you can purchase it directly from the Auction House with mesos.

You can browse all the permanent cash outfits on the Auction House by selecting the Cash Items tab.

Buying permanent NX clothes directly from the Auction House also allows you to choose what pieces you want, instead of getting a random piece of clothing from a box in the cash shop.

That’s everything you need to know about whether or not cash items are permanent in Maplestory!

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