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Reward points are points you can use in the cash shop to purchase items that would otherwise cost NX.

Learn more in our guide on how to use reward points in Maplestory.

The primary way to get reward points in Maplestory is by defeating bosses.

You can also get reward points by completing dungeons, participating in events, and as a reward for spending NX.

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Be sure to claim the reward points you earn before they expire, which is done through the reward points tab on the left side of the screen.

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How to get reward points

The reward points system allows players to purchase useful cash items without having to spend NX.

If you’re willing to farm a bit, then you can quickly rake up a bunch of reward points.

You’re going to get most of your reward points by defeating bosses all over the maple world.

After defeating a boss that gives reward points, you can claim them by talking to Worena, the reward points NPC.

Most higher-level bosses give reward points, including Zakum, Hilla, Horn Tail, Pink Bean, Ranmaru, Root Abyss, and more.

In the quests menu under ‘Progress’, you can see all the bosses you can defeat to get reward points.

You can access Worena by using the Maple Mailbox (red present icon) located on the left side of the screen.

Your reward points expire after 7 days, so be sure to claim them after you’ve farmed some.

Also, as the cash items you can purchase with reward points have a monthly limit on them, you should be sure to spend your reward points each month.

The second way to get reward points in Maplestory is by doing activities, including Monster Park, Theme Dungeons, and new level milestones per world.

You can check out all the specific ways to get reward points by pressing the reward points icon on the reward points pop-up.

If you don’t have the reward points pop-up active, you can open it by speaking to the Maple Mailbox (red present icon) and selecting ‘Open Rewards Points UI’.

Lastly, you get 5% of what you spend in NX back in reward points.

Players can earn up to 3,000 reward points per day per world through the two methods listed above.

You can, however, only earn up to 45,000 reward points per account per month, so if you max out your reward points daily, you’ll quickly reach the limit.

That’s how to get reward points in Maplestory!

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