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Reward points are points players can obtain through activities, including defeating bosses and dungeons.

Players can spend reward points in the cash shop to purchase some items that normally cost NX or to get a discount on some purchases in the cash shop.

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To use reward points, open up the Cash Shop, go to the Event tab on the left side, and select Maple Rewards Shop. Here you can browse all the items you can purchase with reward points.

If you don’t have reward points, check out our guide on how to get reward points in Maplestory.

You can also use reward points to get a discount on some regular NX purchases in the cash shop – more information on all of this below.

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How to use reward points

Once you’ve gathered reward points in Maplestory, it’s time to spend them.

You can spend reward points on certain items directly or use them to get a discount on some items in the cash shop.

If you’re a free-to-play player, you probably want to spend your reward points to buy items directly.

To do this, open up the cash shop by pressing the Cash Shop icon, which is a present, located in the bottom menu.

Inside the cash shop, press the event tab on the left side and then select Maple Rewards Shop.

You can now browse all the items you can purchase with reward points in Maplestory.

All items except inventory slots coupons have a limit on how many of that item you can purchase per month.

For example, you can only purchase 5 black cubes and 5 red cubes with reward points each month.

The limit of each item can be seen in the top left corner of the item’s icon.

These purchase limits reset every first day of each month, so be sure to keep this in mind if you regularly purchase a specific item.

Here is a list of useful items you can purchase with reward points.

  • Black cubes
  • Red cubes
  • Platinum scissors of karma
  • Extra character slot
  • Premium water of life
  • Hyper teleport rock
  • 2x EXP coupon
  • Extra inventory slots coupons
  • Add pendant slot coupon

The second way to use reward points is by applying them as discounts when purchasing regular cash shop items.

To apply reward points to regular purchases, press buy on the item you wish to purchase, select pay with either NX Prepaid, NX Credit, or Maple Points, and then tick the Use Reward Points box.

If you cannot tick the Use Reward Points box after choosing the method of payment, then you cannot discount that item with reward points.

You can only use reward points as a discount on some items, so check out whether or not you can for a specific item by using the method above.

Reward points applied to regular purchases in the cash shop can only account for up to 30% of the total value of the transaction.

That’s how to use your reward points in Maplestory!

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