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Throughout your adventures in Maplestory, you have to travel around the Maple World.

Earlier, traveling was a time-consuming part of the game, but now you can travel around quickly.

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On Reboot, the fastest and easiest way to travel around the Maple World is to buy a Hyper Teleport Rock for mesos in the Cash Shop.

With the Hyper Teleport Rock, you can open the world map and double-click any map to go there instantly.

On Normal servers, the fastest and easiest way to travel around is by using the Dimensional Mirror to go Mushroom Shrine, then to Six Path Crossway through Perry, and then use the Interdimensional Portal.

Below, you’ll find more details on this method as well as others.

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How to travel around fast

The fastest and easiest way to travel around in Maplestory depends on whether you play on Reboot or a Normal server.

On the Reboot server, one of the items you can buy in the Cash Shop for mesos is the Hyper Teleport Rock.

The Hyper Teleport Rock is by far the fastest way to travel around in the Maple World on Reboot.

When you have the Hyper Teleport Rock, you can just double-click any map on the world map to instantly go there.

Even maps that don’t appear on the world map, like the Gollux entrance, can be traveled to with the Hyper Teleport Rock if you save the map in the rock while you’re there.

The fastest way to travel on Normal servers is also by using the Hyper Teleport Rock, but it does cost NX here, unless you buy one from the reward points shop or get one through an event, though they usually only last one day.

As most players don’t want to spend NX on a Hyper Teleport Rock, they use one of the following ways to travel around quickly in the Maple World.

The fastest and most convenient way to travel around in the Maple World on Normal servers that don’t cost NX is by using the Dimensional Mirror.

You will find a Dimensional Mirror in every major town in the game, which you can quickly access through the “Quick Move” button under the mini map in the top left corner of your screen.

Maplestory Dimensional Mirror and Quick Move

On the Dimensional Mirror window, choose Mushroom Shrine and click ‘Move’.

Once in the Mushroom Shrine, go talk to the pelican NPC, Perry, and click “To Six Path Crossway”.

Maplestory Perry NPC mushroom shrine go to Six Path Crossway

After speaking to Perry, you’ll arrive at the Victoria Tree Platform. Go down the rope ladder to get to Six Path Crossway.

At the Six Path Crossway, head to the top left of the map right next to the Kerning City route. Here you’ll find the Interdimensional Portal. Go ahead and click it and click ‘Yes’.

Maplestory Interdimensional Mirror location

The Interdimensional Portal will take you to Pantheon.

Go ahead and click the Interdimensional Portal again once you’re in Pantheon.

You will then be able to choose any of the major towns in Maplestory to teleport to instantly.

Maplestory Interdimensional Mirror

If you complete the Theme Dungeon for Mushroom Shrine, then you can go directly to Mushroom Shrine through the quest lightbulb on the left side of the screen instantly from any location, which makes traveling even faster.

Another way to travel around the Maple World quickly is by using the Maple Guide.

You can access the Maple Guide through the Character menu at the bottom of your screen.

Once the Maple Guide is open, be sure to click the plus icon to see the entire contents guide.

Here you can see recommended maps, theme dungeons, towns, and more for each 10th level in the game. To go to any of the areas listed in the contents guide, click in and press move.

Maplestory Maple Guide Contents Guide

One of the advantages of the Maple Guide is that it can be used anywhere, you don’t have to go to any town, and you will be taken directly to the map.

It does, however, not have all maps or towns available for you to go to at all levels.

Each location in the contents guide can be used for 39 levels after you unlock it. For example, the teleport to Armory that you unlock at level 160 can be used until level 199.

Some locations in the contents guide can, however, be used forever if you can, for example, access them through the Dimensional Mirror.

If you earn the stamp for any location in the contents guide, then you can also freely move there at any level.

That’s everything you need to know about how to travel around quickly in the Maple World!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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