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The Phantom class in Maplestory can steal skills from explorer classes by using Skill Swipe and use them as his own through the Loadout skill.

Stealing the right skills can help you level up faster, deal more damage, and increase your survivability against bosses.

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But with so many branches of explorer classes, what skills are the best to steal as a Phantom?

The best skills to steal as a Phantom are the following:

  • 1st Job: Haste (Thief) for mobility, Dark Sight (Thief) for some bosses.
  • 2nd Job: Rage (Hero).
  • 3rd Job: Cross Surge (Dark Knight) for damage, Holy Symbol (Bishop) for training.
  • 4th Job: Final Cut (Blade Master) for bossing, Cannon Bazooka (Cannon Master) for training.
  • Hyper Skills: Bullseye Shot (Marksman) or Sacrosanctity (Paladin) for bossing, Inferno Aura (Fire Poison Arch Mage) for training.

Find more information on these skills as well as why they’re the best below.

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What skills to steal as a Phantom

Through its beginner skill, Skill Swipe, Phantoms can steal skills of explorer classes and use them themselves.

Phantoms can hold up to four 1st job skills, four 2nd job skills, three 3rd job skills, two 4th job skills, and two hyper skills in their loadout.

Though you can hold quite a few skills, you can only have one skill in use per job at a time.

In some categories, there is one skill that is superior to the rest and should always be used.

In other categories, there is more than one skill that is immensely useful. Thus you should change your loadout for these dependent on the situation.

Here are all the best skills to steal as a Phantom for each job, as well as an explanation of why they’re the best.

Note, that these picks are the best for level 100+. If you are more comfortable with a specific active damaging skill for training during 1st, 2nd, or 3rd job, you can freely use any you like.

Popular skills to steal during levels 10-100 are Pathfinder’s main mobbing skills from 1st and 2nd job, which you can be macro right after each other to make a smooth combo. But many Phantoms simply use their own mobbing skills.

1st Job skills

In the first job, there aren’t any damage-boosting skills or other buffs that’ll significantly impact the power of your character.

Therefore, a great pick is Haste from the Thief class.

As you already have some speed and jump boosts from Phantom’s own passive skills, Haste won’t impact your mobility a lot but will make a difference.

An alternative pick for the 1st Job skill is Dark Sight, also from the Thief class.

Dark Sight makes your character invisible, which can be used to dodge certain boss attacks, making it useful against some bosses.

However, far from all boss attacks can be dodged using Dark Sight.

2nd Job skills

For the second job, there is one obvious choice, in our opinion.

Rage from the Hero branch of Warriors is an amazing pick for your 2nd job loadout.

Rage increases the attack power of yourself and everyone in your party and reduces the damage you receive.

3rd Job skills

When you unlock third job skills to steal at level 60+, there are two skills that are worth stealing, each of which are useful in different situations.

The first one is Holy Symbol from Bishops that increase EXP gained from monsters for all party members, including yourself.

Holy Symbol is, therefore, an amazing skill to have when training as it helps you level up faster.

The second skill is Dark Surge from Dark Knights, which significantly increases your final damage.

Dark Surge is a very useful skill not only for bossing but can be better for training than Holy Symbol in some situations.

If you can reduce the number of skill uses of, for example, Cannon Bazooka, that you need to use to take out mobs from two to one, then the overall EXP earned per time will most likely be higher than using two skill uses and getting the Holy Symbol boost.

You can use the in-game damage Battle Analysis tool to test whether Dark Surge or Holy Symbol is most optimal for you at a specific spot.

4th Job skills

There are two skills you should steal for your 4th job loadout.

One is Final Cut from Blade Masters, which increases your final damage by +40% for 60 seconds.

Final Cut is a powerful buff for bossing but only training if you’re struggling with taking out enemies.

If you do have enough damage yourself, then for training, you should go with the second skill to steal.

Cannon Bazooka from Cannon Masters is the second skill you should steal for your 4th job loadout.

This skill deals a ton of damage to eight monsters at a time and has a very long hitbox, making it amazing for training.

Hyper Skills

For your hyper skills loadout, you only have two slots, but there are three hyper skills that are worth considering.

Two of them are for bossing, and one is for training.

Bullseye Shot from Marksmen is the first hyper skill you can go with for your hyper skills loadout.

Bullseye Shot increases your critical rate, critical damage, damage, and ignore enemy defense for 30 seconds, making it a powerful buff when bossing, especially when paired with burst.

Sacrosanctity from Paladins is the second choice for your hyper skill loadout.

Sacrosanctity makes you invincible for 30 seconds, making it great for bossing when you are facing difficult attacks or are unable to dodge because you are bursting.

Whether Sacrosanctity or Bullseye Shot is the best pick depends on your play style and the boss in question.

The third hyper skill to steal is Inferno Aura from Fire Poison Arch Mages.

Inferno Aura is great for training, as it deals damage to all surrounding enemies every three seconds for 30 seconds.

That’s everything you need to know about what skills to steal as a Phantom in Maplestory!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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