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The star force enhancement system allows you to upgrade your equipment by enhancing them with star force.

You get star force by enhancing equipment through the star force enhancement system. Each successful enhancement gives you one star force.

On normal servers, you have to use all the regular enhancement slots of an item before you can star force it.

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You can star force enhance items directly on the Reboot server, as items on this server don’t have regular enhancement slots.

Below, you’ll find more information on all of this as well as a detailed step-by-step guide on how to star force enhance items.

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How to get star force

In Maplestory, players can improve the stats of their items by utilizing the star force enhancement system.

Besides being a great way to increase your damage, some training maps require you to have a minimum amount of star force to deal full damage to mobs.

If a map requires you to have 30 star force, for example, you need to have at least a total of 30 star force enhancements across all the equipment you are wearing.

To star force enhance equipment, open the equip tab in the item inventory, and press the red enhancement button in the bottom left corner.

Drag the equipment you wish to enhance into the enhancement window.

If you’re playing on a normal server, you have to use all the equipment’s regular enhancement slots before you can star force it.

Regular enhancement slots are for scrolls, which cost spell traces to use.

Once you’ve used all the regular enhancement slots of an item, the star force enhancement tab will appear in the enhancement window.

To star force the selected equipment, press Enhance in the bottom of the window.

Players on the Reboot server can star force enhance equipment directly, as regular enhancement slots don’t exist on this server.

Before you enhance the selected equipment, you can see the chance of success, stat increase, and meso cost of that enhancement.

You can increase the chance of successful enhancement by using the star-catching feature that appears right after pressing enhance.

If you stop the star within the middle area, the chance of success will be increased by around 4%.

The number of maximum star force enhancements a piece of equipment can reach depends on its level.

When you start star forcing higher-level equipment, the number of star force stars will fall by one upon failed enhancement.

You can see whether or not an item will fall in its number of stars by looking at the text Failure, which displays either (Keep) or (Drop) right next to it.

At higher star force levels, equipment has a chance to destroy upon failure as well, but you can protect your items against this by using the safeguard feature.

Safeguarding equipment from booming upon failed enhancement costs extra mesos.

That’s how to get star force in Maplestory!

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