Maplestory – How To Get Spell Traces

Maplestory – How To Get Spell Traces

Spell traces are used to upgrade equipment on regular servers, which makes them a useful item.

The easiest way to get spell traces in Maplestory is by purchasing them from the auction house. You can also get spell traces by farming mobs and from some shops.

When you upgrade equipment in the game, you don’t enhance them with spell traces directly. Instead, you use scrolls that cost spell traces.

As scrolls cost a lot of spell traces on high-level equipment, you’re going to need a lot of spell traces throughout your adventures.

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How to get spell traces

As scrolls become increasingly expensive as the level of your equipment rises, you need to get your hands on a lot of spell traces.

The fastest way to get spell traces is simply by purchasing them directly from the auction house.

Spell traces can be purchased for only a few thousand mesos a piece on populated servers.

To purchase spell traces from the auction house, press the ‘Menu’ button in the bottom menu and select Auction House.

Inside the auction house, type in ‘spell trace’ in the quick search bar in the top left corner, then press enter.

You can also farm spell traces yourself by farming any mob in the game within your level.

However, farming spell traces will take a lot longer than just purchasing them.

Furthermore, you would end up with more spell traces if you were to farm mesos and then spend them on spell traces in the auction house than farming spell traces yourself.

If you’re playing on the Reboot server, you cannot enhance equipment with spell traces, so the only thing you can do with them is to sell them.

Reboot players can sell spell traces to vendors for 5,000 mesos a piece.

Certain shops around the Maple World does also sell spell traces, including the Crusader Shop.

However, all of these shops sell spell traces in exchange for special currencies like the crusader coins.

So, once again, it’s way more efficient to purchase spell traces directly from the auction house.

Notice, sometimes, Nexon runs spell trace events where the scrolls are either on a discount or the chance of scrolls being successful is increased.

Be sure to purchase spell traces a while before these events, as the price often rises just before and during these events.

That’s how to get spell traces in Maplestory!

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