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The Piece of Ice item is needed to complete different quests in Maplestory.

Being a rare drop, it’s not an item most players randomly stumble upon. Therefore, we’ve made this guide to show you how to get Piece of Ice in the game.

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You can get Piece of Ice in Maplestory from defeating Ice Drakes. The best map to farm Ice Drakes is Drake Cave: Cold Wind in Sleepywood.

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Where to get Piece of Ice

Piece of Ice is a rare drop from the mob, Ice Drake, that can be found in Sleepywood.

Specifically, you can find Ice Drakes in two maps in Sleepywood, Drake Cave: Cold Wind and Drake Cave: Chilly Cave.

The drop rate of Pieces of Ice is fairly low, but if you just farm for a while, you’ll get one eventually.

We went to Drake Cave: Cold Wind on a high-level character and got a Piece of Ice after around five minutes.

You need Piece of Ice for different quests in Maplestory, including ‘Reawakening the Gladius’.

That’s how to get Piece of Ice in Maplestory!

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