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On the Reboot server of Maplestory, everything revolves around mesos.

You need mesos to star force enhance your equipment and to purchase cubes – two of the main ways to increase your damage on Reboot.

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Upgrades that cost NX on regular servers cost mesos instead on Reboot, making them vital if you wish to progress.

Given the importance of mesos on Reboot, you need to farm a bunch if you wish to make your character strong enough to take on the toughest bosses in the game.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need on meso farming on the Reboot server, both for early on in the game and for late game.

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General meso farming tips

Made as a way for players to experience gameplay closer to the original Maplestory, a lot of features were removed or changed on the Reboot server.

Most notably, mesos replace the cost of many cash-only items like Red and Black cubes, scrolling or spell tracing is disabled, and monsters have more HP but give more EXP and drop more mesos.

Another important difference between regular servers and the Reboot server is that you cannot trade with other players on Reboot.

These changes create an environment where contrary to regular servers, farming mesos becomes the main way to obtain them.

Many of the often-used meso making methods on regular servers require trading with and selling to other players, which you cannot do on Reboot.

Though farming mesos seems quite straightforward, there are some things you can do to significantly increase the number of mesos you get per hour.

Getting your mesos obtained stat up is essential if you wish to improve your meso farming.

Here are the different things that can give you the mesos obtained buff:

  • Equipment (potential lines)
  • Inner Ability
  • Legion Grid
  • Useable Buffs

You can get a maximum of +100% Mesos Obtained from equipment, +20% Mesos Obtained from Inner Ability, +5% Mesos Obtained from the Legion Grid.

This means that you can get a maximum of +125% mesos obtained from passive buffs and boosts, but you can further increase your mesos obtained with useable buffs and when events are active.

There is a maximum cap on Mesos Obtained, though, which is set at +300% Mesos Obtained no matter the combination of buffs, passives, and events.

Farming mesos without a pet is almost impossible, as there are too many meso bags to pick up.

We strongly recommend that you get yourself a pet, or your mesos earned per hour will drop by around 90%, depending on how many mobs you defeat per hour.

You can either purchase a pet from the Cash Shop with NX, get one from Hard Hilla if you are strong enough, or can find a carry.

Alternatively, you can sell mesos for NX on the meso market on regular servers and then buy one from the Cash Shop.

Having more than one pet will also increase the number of mesos you farm per hour, but from one to two or three pets will far from increase your mesos earned per hour as much as from zero to one pet will.

Creating a dedicated meso farming character is a great idea as some classes are better at the job than others.

By far, the most popular meso farming class is Kanna, who not only has amazing AoE and a skill that she can place on the ground, allowing her to quickly clear an entire map but also possesses Kishin that increase the spawn rate of monsters.

Many other classes who can quickly and consistently clear an entire map can also be great meso farmers, but usually, a Kanna will beat them.

The most important thing is, however, that you have a very high-level character.

The higher level, the better, as you need to be able to one-shot the mobs you are farming to achieve the best results.

Most players choose not to go over level 245, though, as they don’t want to be penalized in terms of meso drop by being too many levels above monsters – specifically the monsters in Arcana in the Arcane River.

Monsters of a higher level give more mesos per drop, so if you have a level 180 Kanna and another character level 230 that is funded, the level 230 will most likely outperform the Kanna despite not having Kishin, etc.

If you are serious about farming mesos and want to upgrade your main to take on the toughest bosses in the game, we recommend you make a Kanna for meso farming.

Using the battle analysis tool in the game is a great way to check and optimize your meso farming efforts.

With the battle analysis tool, you can test out different meso farming setups, maps, etc., until you find the combination that yields the most mesos per hour for you.

How to get Mesos Obtained

As outlined in the previous paragraph, increasing your Mesos Obtained stat is essential if you want to maximize how many mesos you can farm per hour.

You can get passive +% Mesos Obtained boosts, which means they are active all the time, from equipment, the Legion Grid, and Inner Ability.

From equipment, you can get a maximum of +100% Mesos Obtained.

The types of equipment that can give +% Mesos Obtained through their potential include Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Face accessories, and Eye accessories.

Some of the best items in this category that can give +% Mesos Obtained and are of high enough level to give maximum potential stats are Gollux Rings, Sweetwater Tattoo, and Sweetwater Glasses.

You will be using these items for a very long time in the game, if not forever, so you can safely pour resources into them without the worry of having to replace them soon.

For the other types of equipment, just find items that are over level 71, as the maximum of +20% Mesos Obtained can be obtained on an item’s potential.

If you can find items that are over level 151, that is, of course, better, as the rest of the potential lines can be of higher values.

An item has to be of legendary rarity before the +% Mesos Obtained line can be rolled on their potential.

As mentioned, the cap of +% Mesos Obtained from equipment is +100%, so don’t keep cubing for more on other items if you already have +100%.

The +% Mesos Obtained boost can also be obtained from the Legion System in Maplestory by placing the Phantom piece on your Legion Grid.

If you aren’t familiar with the legion system, then check out our Comprehensive Legion System Guide.

The Phantom class gives + 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% Mesos Obtained as their effect bonus as ranks B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

We don’t recommend leveling a Phantom all the way to level 250 just to get the SSS rank, but if you can manage, level 200 for SS would be helpful.

Inner ability can give +20% Mesos Obtained from the first line if it is of Legendary rarity, +15% if it’s Unique, +10% if it’s Epic, and +5% if it’s Rare.

When just starting to increase your Mesos Obtained, we recommend just resetting your inner ability until you get a +% Mesos Obtained line that is at least Epic.

If you manage to roll a Unique or Legendary Mesos Obtained line before an epic one, that’s great, but you’ll probably find an Epic one before that happens.

The reason why you don’t want to go for a Unique or Legendary Mesos Obtained line yet is because it can be very costly in terms of mesos that you should use to cube instead.

Later on, when you have a lot of mesos and can farm a lot of mesos quickly, start going for the Legendary inner ability Mesos Obtained line.

Your Mesos Obtained can also be increased by using active useable buffs.

The most common buffs that boost your Mesos Obtained are Legion Wealth Buffs, Wealth Acquisition Potions, and event buffs.

  • Legion Wealth Buffs increase Mesos Obtained by 50% and can be purchased with Legion Coins in the Legion Shop.
  • Wealth Acquisition Points increase Mesos Obtained by 20% and can be crafted through the Alchemy profession.
  • Event buffs that increase Mesos Obtained are not included in every event, but they have been a couple of times, including the Rainbow Spectrum Buff that gave +100% Mesos Obtained. So be sure to check current events and their shops.

Using these buffs, you can get your total Mesos Obtained rate above the +125% you can obtain passively.

The total maximum Mesos Obtained boost you can obtain is capped at +300%, though.

Having additional +% Drop Rate from equipment and buffs will further increase your mesos earned per hour, as more items and equips that you can sell will drop.

Bossing and Ursus

For players who haven’t played Reboot for a long time and haven’t built a Kanna for farming or have a high-level character with meso gear, bossing is a great way to earn mesos.

There are tons of bosses you can defeat every single day and some every week, each of which will yield a decent amount of mesos.

From bosses, you will get both Intense Power Crystals, equipment, potions, etc items, and pure mesos.

If you are a regular player who can solo most daily bosses, you can make around 60-80m a day from them.

You can also choose to extract the equipment you get from bosses and sell the etc items you get – philosopher’s stones sell for a lot.

Intense Power Crystals have to be sold at the Collector located in the Free Market.

The rest of the items can be sold to any vendor in the game.

You can, however, only sell up to 60 Intense Power Crystals to the Collector every week, so if you farm all weekly and daily bosses throughout an entire week, you’ll get more Intense Power Crystals than you can sell.

Therefore, if you wish to maximize the amount of mesos you earn, you should prioritize selling the Intense Power Crystals that give the most mesos.

In the chart below, you can see a complete overview of the bosses you can farm as well as how much their Intense Power Crystal sells for.

BossIntense Power Crystal priceLimit
Hard Black Mage1,500,000,000 mesosMonthly
Hard Hilla331,350,000 mesosWeekly
Hard Guard Captain Darknell294,000,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Gloom277,350,000 mesosWeekly
Hard Will264,600,000 mesosWeekly
Hard Lucid240,000,000 mesosWeekly
Hard Lotus222,337,500 mesosWeekly
Hard Damien210,937,500 mesosWeekly
Guard Captain Darknell158,437,500 mesosWeekly
Gloom148,837,500 mesosWeekly
Will139,537,500 mesosWeekly
Lucid121,837,500 mesosWeekly
Easy Lucid105,337,500 mesosWeekly
Damien101,400,000 mesosWeekly
Lotus97,537,500 mesosWeekly
Akechi Mitsuhide86,400,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Papulatus79,350,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Vellum63,037,500 mesosWeekly
Hard Magnus57,037,500 mesosWeekly
Chaos Zakum48,600,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Pierre48,600,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Von Bon48,600,000 mesosWeekly
Princess No48,600,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Crimson Queen48,600,000 mesosWeekly
Cygnus43,350,000 mesosWeekly
Chaos Pink Bean38,400,000 mesosWeekly
Easy Cygnus27,337,500 mesosWeekly
Papulatus7,993,500 mesosDaily
Hard Ranmaru7,993,500 mesosDaily
Magnus7,776,000 mesosDaily
Arkarium7,560,000 mesosDaily
Hard Von Leon7,350,000 mesosDaily
Von Leon4,374,000 mesosDaily
Pink Bean4,213,500 mesosDaily
Chaos Horntail4,056,000 mesosDaily
OMNI-CLN3,750,000 mesosDaily
Easy Arkarium3,456,000 mesosDaily
Easy Von Leon3,174,000 mesosDaily
Horntail3,037,500 mesosDaily
Pierre2,904,000 mesosDaily
Von Bon2,904,000 mesosDaily
Crimson Queen2,904,000 mesosDaily
Vellum2,904,000 mesosDaily
Easy Horntail2,646,000 mesosDaily
Ranmaru2,521,500 mesosDaily
Hilla2,400,000 mesosDaily
Easy Magnus2,166,000 mesosDaily
Easy Papulatus2,053,500 mesosDaily
Zakum1,837,500 mesosDaily
Easy Zakum600,000 mesosDaily

All weekly bosses, and of course, Black Mage, the only monthly boss, have the Intense Power Crystals that sell for the most.

Therefore, you should sell the Intense Power Crystal of every weekly boss that you can defeat each week, and then sell the Intense Power Crystal with the highest price of daily bosses you can defeat.

Ursus, who is technically also a boss, but not like the ones listed above, also offers a great way to earn some mesos on the Reboot server.

Every single day, you can challenge Ursus three times by selecting Ursus the Mighty in the Dimensional Mirror.

In the Ursus lobby, you can just choose quick start through Masarayu, which will queue you up for a party with up to 17 other random players.

Against Ursus, you need to deal as much damage as possible.

The more damage you deal, the more mesos you get as a reward.

Farming mobs as a Kanna

The single best way to farm mesos on Reboot in Maplestory is by farming mobs as a Kanna.

To achieve the highest amounts of mesos per hour from farming mobs, you need to meet a couple of requirements.

Firstly, you need to be high level. Level 230+ is optimal, but at least level 200 is required as you want to farm in the Arcane River.

The best maps for farming are in the Arcane River, with the maps in Arcana and Limina yielding the best results for most players – the monsters in Arcana are around level 234-240 and those in Limina around level 260-264.

No matter what level you are at, you need to find a map where you can one-shot mobs or at least almost instantly kill mobs.

Some of the specific meso-farming maps that work well for players include:

  • Arcana: Deep in the Cavern – Lower Path 1
  • Arcana: Deep in the Cavern – Upper Path 1
  • Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Limina: End of the World 2-5

The Kanna class is the most widely used for farming mobs because they can earn the most mesos per hour.

The reason being both their AoE, setup, and full-map attacks, as well as their Kishin skill, which increases the spawn rate of monsters.

You can also meso farm with other classes, but having a Kishin alternative like frenzy totem is almost essential if you want to get close to the rates of Kannas.

Besides having a strong character that can one-shot or almost instantly kill monsters and Kishin or an alternative, you need to have a lot of +% Mesos Obtained, both from passive boosts and from active buffs.

Most of the mesos you’ll earn from this method are pure meso drops, but you’ll also get a significant part from item drops, including spell traces, equipment, and other etc items that you can sell.

This means that you can further increase the mesos you earn per hour by getting a higher Drop Rate if you have already acquired the highest Mesos Obtained you can get.

Having a powerful soul like the Lucid weapon soul will help you increase your mesos per hour further, as you can place it to take out monsters in a place on the map where it’s hard to reach or beneficial to keep out of your rotation.

You want to find a setup and rotation on a map that enables you to take clear out as many mobs as possible as fast as possible, and by having a strong soul, and abilities like Kanna’s Kishin and Yaksha, you can cover more of the map.

Be sure to use the in-game battle analysis tool to measure how many mesos you farm per hour.

You can use this data to optimize your setup, find new maps, and in the end, get more mesos per hour.

Alternative meso farming methods

There are a couple of other ways to farm a decent amount of mesos on Reboot in Maplestory than the ones listed earlier in this guide.

Maple Tour

Maple Tour is a system you can access through the Dimensional Mirror, where you fight levels of mobs.

You can enter twice a day for free and purchase additional entrances up to a total of seven daily entrances.

Doing runs in Maple Tour earns you mesos that you can claim from Lulu Spinel.

The mesos you earn from a run are not given instantly but instead kept as a wage for seven days.

After seven days, you can collect the full amount of mesos.

If you choose to claim it before the seven days, you will only receive half the amount, so you should always wait the seven days.

Maple Tour has been nerfed by Nexon, so it doesn’t give as many mesos as it used to, but it’s still a great way to get extra mesos on Reboot, especially if you don’t have a strong meso farming character.

Silent Crusade coins

When bossing in Maplestory, you’ll quickly get a bunch of Crusader Coins.

Most bosses in the game drop them, and you can only use them in one place, the Silent Crusade shop.

One of the things you can purchase in the Silent Crusade shop is meso bags that contain a random amount of mesos up to 5m per bag.

You can also complete Silent Crusade quests to get more Crusader Coins, but it’s not recommended as a way to earn mesos.

Spending your Crusader Coins on meso bags is a nice way to increase the amount of mesos you earn from bossing.

That’s everything you need to know about farming mesos on the Reboot server in Maplestory!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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