Maplestory – Miracle Cubes Tier Up Rates

Maplestory – Miracle Cubes Tier Up Rates

Cubing items is going to be an essential part of Maplestory once you need to upgrade your equipment for late game.

Throughout your journey, you will be using a ton of cubes to upgrade your gear.

One thought that comes into everybody’s mind when cubing is: what is the chance of tiering up the potential of this item?

To answer this question, we’ve created a chart of the chance to tier up when using each type of cube from each type of rarity to the next.

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Miracle Cubes tier up rates

As cubing becomes a bigger part of the game, the higher your level reaches, it’s inevitable that you start to wonder what the chance of you tiering up an item is.

Unlike other features with a chance-element in Maplestory, like Gachapon, tier-up rates for cubes are not disclosed by Nexon.

However, it is possible to figure out the tier up rates of each type of cubes by using them a bunch of time and recording the data.

This is what some players of Maplestory did, where they themselves used a bunch of cubes and pooled data from other sources, including long non-edited cubing sessions of Youtubers, etc.

The following chart showing the tier up rate of each type of Miracle Cube in Maplestory is based on their findings, source.

We have gathered our own data from non-edited Maplestory cubing session videos to calculate the tier up rate for bonus potential cubes.

IconCubeRare To EpicEpic To UniqueUnique To Legendary
Maplestory Occult Cube IconOccult Cube0.91%--
Maplestory Master Craftmans Cube IconMaster Craftsman's Cube11.84%3.81%-
Maplestory Meisters Cube IconMeister's Cube11.63%8.79%4.59%
Maplestory Red Cube IconRed Cube14.1%6.06%2.45%
Maplestory Black Cube IconBlack Cube16.83%11.17%4.74%
Maplestory Bonus Potential Cube IconBonus Potential Cube25.93%5.07%3.29%

Miracle Cubes that can only tier up to a specific rarity will be marked with ‘-‘ at each tier up they cannot do.

The percentages above are calculated based on many samples (Occult Cube = 1,100, Master Craftman’s Cube = 9,325, Meister’s Cube = 740, Red Cube = 20,670, Black Cube = 9321, Bonus Potential Cube = 248).

This gives us a good estimate of their chance of tiering up, but they are still far from perfect, especially the calculations for Occult Cube, Meister’s Cube, and Bonus Potential Cube, as they have so few samples.

All data regarding these tier ups are from the Reboot server, except for the bonus potential cubes, as they are not available on Reboot.

The general understanding is, however, that the chance to tier up with a specific type of cube is the same on both Reboot and normal servers.

When Miracle Time is live, the chance to tier up an item is doubled.

Based on the estimated tier up rates above, we can calculate the expected number of cubes you need to tier up an item to the next tier at each rarity, as well as the total number of cubes needed to get to legendary.

The number of cubes you need to tier up in the following chart has been rounded to the nearest zero decimal number.

IconCubeRare To EpicEpic To UniqueUnique To LegendaryRare to Legendary
Maplestory Occult Cube IconOccult Cube110---
Maplestory Master Craftmans Cube IconMaster Craftsman's Cube826--
Maplestory Meisters Cube IconMeister's Cube9112242
Maplestory Red Cube IconRed Cube7174165
Maplestory Black Cube IconBlack Cube692136
Maplestory Bonus Potential Cube IconBonus Potential Cube4203054

Do keep in mind that these are just a theoretical average number of cubes needed to tier up based on an estimate of the chance to tier up.

That’s everything about Miracle Cube tier up rates in Maplestory!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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