Maplestory – How To Get Potential On An Item

Maplestory – How To Get Potential On An Item

The potential system is a powerful way to significantly improve the stats of an equip in Maplestory.

Most of the items you’ll acquire late game will already have a hidden potential on it, but not all.

Luckily, there is a way to give an equip a hidden potential.

To give an equip a hidden potential in Maplestory, use any of the many potential scrolls in the game on it. The easiest way to acquire potential scrolls is through the auction house on regular servers and from the legion shop on Reboot.

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How to get potential on an item

Many of the items you’ll find and purchase later on in the game will already have a potential on them.

In such a case, you would only need to add another line of potential if it is only two-lined and then cube it till you get a satisfying potential.

However, not all items you get in Maplestory will have a potential on them already.

So how can you add a potential to a piece of equipment you wish to use that doesn’t have a hidden potential?

The only way to add a potential to an item is to use a potential scroll on it.

Potential scrolls are special scrolls that, upon successful use, will add a hidden potential to the item

On regular servers, there are also bonus potential scrolls, that upon successful use, add a bonus potential to an item.

To use a potential scroll, double click the scroll in your ‘use’ tab and select the item you wish to add a potential to.

If you are wearing the piece of equipment you wish to add a potential to, drag the scroll from your ‘use’ tab to the desired piece of equipment in your equipment inventory.

There are many different potential scrolls in the game, all with a varying chance of success and level of potential upon success.

The cheapest and easiest to obtain are the regular potential scrolls that give a random hidden potential at a 70% rate.

Others include the epic potential scrolls that give a potential of at least epic rarity upon success and the unique potential scrolls that give a potential of at least unique upon success.

The higher the rarity of potential a potential scroll gives, the harder it is to obtain, making it more valuable as well.

You can obtain potential scrolls through various means on regular servers, including boss drops, events, and, of course, the auction house.

By far, the easiest and fastest way to obtain them on regular servers is through the auction house.

On the Reboot server, the easiest way to obtain potential scrolls is through the Legion shop or the Yu Garden, but it can also be obtained in other ways, including events, Gollux shop, Commerci, Elite bosses, and Mu Lung Dojo.

The only way to reset the potential on an item that already has a potential is by using cubes on them. You cannot reset a potential by using a potential scroll.

That’s how to get potential on an item in Maplestory!

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