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Horses are cool animals in Minecraft! They may be annoying, but they can carry you around the Minecraft world three times faster than your running speed.

So have you ever wondered about how to tame horses in Minecraft?

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To tame horses in Minecraft, you need to repeatedly ride the horse until it accepts you by right-clicking it. That’s it! Depending on your luck, you can successfully tame a horse on the first try. After you’ve tamed a horse, you need to give it a saddle. Otherwise, you cannot control it yourself while riding it.

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How to Tame Horses in Minecraft

#1 Finding a horse

Horses in Minecraft only spawn in the following 5 biomes:

  • Plains
  • Sunflower plains
  • Savanna
  • Savanna plateau
  • Windswept savanna

If you’re in the right biome (which you can check on the debug screen by clicking F3), herds of 2-6 horses can randomly spawn around you.

Minecraft herd of horses in plains biome

Besides spawning naturally in the world, horses can also be found in the stable structure, which can be found in the villages.

#2 Obtain food and feed the horse (optional)

As mentioned earlier, when you’ve found some horses, you can start taming them immediately.

But to avoid wasting your time, feeding the horses with the correct food will make them easier to tame.

Minecraft food you can feed horses

You can give horses any of the following food:

  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Apple
  • Golden Apple
  • Golden Carrot

Simply put them in your hot bar and right-click on your horse to feed it. Each item can heal the horse and increase its temper when fed.

Minecraft feeding horse golden carrot

Sugar, wheat, and apple give horses 3 temper points, while a golden carrot gives 5, and a golden apple gives 10.

In general, the more temper your horse has, the easier it is to tame them. And remember that a horse’s temper has a maximum point of 100. So don’t overfeed them.

#3 Tame the horse

So what is the temper point, and what does it do?

When you right-click on the horse with an empty hand (or any items that don’t have a function with the horse), you will immediately jump on it, and the taming process begins.

Minecraft taming horse

While this happens, a random number between 0 and 99 is picked.

If the horse’s temper is larger than this number, you successfully tame a horse. Otherwise, it will kick you down, and you have to re-tame it again and again.

Minecraft succesfully tamed horse hearts

That’s why it’s important to feed the horses before taming them since it can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re in a dangerous moment.

If you see the red heart particles floating above the horse, it means you’ve successfully tamed a horse too!

After you’ve tamed a horse, you need to give it a saddle to control it when you ride. Otherwise, it will just walk around on its own with you on its back.

Saddles cannot be crafted, you need to either find them in a chest, trade with a max-level leatherworker, get one from fishing, or defeat powerful mobs like Ravager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a saddle to tame a horse in Minecraft?

No, you don’t need a saddle to tame a horse in Minecraft. You use a saddle if you need to ride a horse. For taming, you only need to constantly right-click or feed them and right-click them.

How many apples does it take to tame a horse?

This totally depends on your luck, to be honest! But if you want to have a 100% chance of successfully taming a horse, you need to feed it 33 apples.

Can horses escape fences Minecraft?

No, horses don’t actively jump over fences in Minecraft. Unless you ride them and control them to jump over the fence, they won’t jump over fences.

That’s how to tame and ride horses in Minecraft!

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