8 Cozy Minecraft Kitchen Design Ideas

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Even though you could eat raw food in Minecraft, it’s always better to eat cooked food since it restores more health and hunger.

In the early stage of the game, bringing some furnace with you is enough. But to scale it to a new level, you should have a proper place to build a super smelter that contains a lot of furnaces.

That’s why today, we’ll introduce to you the 8 best Minecraft kitchen design ideas!

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Most Minecraft kitchen design ideas need a lot of space to work with. Besides furnaces, smokers, and blast furnaces, you will need barrels and chests to store food as well as fuel.

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Minecraft Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Minecraft kitchen designs are expensive to build. They cost lots of wood, iron ingots, and some other mid-game materials. So unless you have a handful of resources, building a kitchen early in the game is not ideal.

But with that being said, you could set up a really small area with a few furnaces if you want to.

Got the materials? Let’s see the kitchen designs!

1. Basic Kitchen

Materials: Smokers, Barrels, Item Frames, Polished Diorite Slabs, Oak Signs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Slabs, Lanterns, Flower Pots with Flowers, Turtle Eggs, Pickles, Hoppers, Iron Trapdoors, Andesite Walls, and other Decorations.

We always start with a simple design, and this article is no exception!

This kitchen design features a real-life cooking area with the smokers and the hoppers and andesite walls on top of them. This simulates the vent to let the smoke out of your house.

Other than that, all decorations are straightforward and easy to build. You have barrels to store food, lovely plants, and a spruce shelf to put your stuff.

2. Detailed Kitchen

Materials: Spruce Slabs, Barrels, Birch Signs, Birch Trapdoors, Item Frames, Dark Oak Stairs, Polished Blackstone Pressure Plates, Cobblestone Walls, and other Decorations.

If you have a small space to work with, this is a small yet detailed kitchen you will need!

We have the stove, a vent, and other decorations like usual.

The only difference here is those drawers’ handles, which can be made by putting the dark oak stairs inside item frames, then covering them up with birch signs. Let’s save this building tip for later on!

3. Large Kitchen

Materials: Stones, Stone Stairs, Iron Trapdoors, Smokers, Oak Trapdoors, Ladders, Levers, End Rods, Barrels, Spruce Trapdoors, Iron Blocks, an Iron Door, and other Decorations.

Everything looks big in this kitchen design! However, it won’t take you that much space.

We have a big sink with a cute faucet in the center, a working refrigerator, a giant vent with the stove right below, and lots of barrels to store food.

This design idea is suitable for most houses.

4. Modern Kitchen

Materials: Smooth Quartz Slabs, Smooth Quartz Stairs, Birch Door, White Banner, Iron Trapdoors, Gray Banner, Andesite Slabs, Andesite Walls, White Carpets, Gray Carpets, and other Decorations.

Want a luxurious kitchen design for your modern house? We’ve got you covered!

This design features a large carpet next to an elegant table and a tall chair. Moreover, the stove, vent, and modern shelf on the right could be useful for storage purposes.

P/S: Don’t forget the painting!

5. Medieval Kitchen

Materials: Barrels, Spruce Logs, Dark Oak Logs, Spruce Trapdoors, Oak Signs, Leaves, Chains, a Lantern, Light Blue Banner, Cauldrons, a Brewing Stand, Trip Wires, Oak Stairs, and other Decorations.

If you’re living in a medieval town, try this kitchen design!

You only need to chop down some trees, collect mushrooms, mine some irons, and that’s it!

You could also expand the area to build an actual medieval inn, where adventurers around the world have a good dinner before going on their expeditions.

6. Tavern Kitchen

Materials: Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Slabs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Doors, Spruce Stairs, Barrels, Spruce Slabs, Item Frames, Cakes, Turtle Eggs, Flow Pots, other Plants and Decorations.

Here’s another Minecraft medieval kitchen idea for today!

In the corner, you have a stable stone bricks shelf with food and some barrels in the back. Besides, you could stuff more chests under the table and behind the cooking area.

On the outside, you could decorate your kitchen area with some tables and chairs. Then put food in item frames or on the tables to make it even cozier!

7. Cute Kitchen

Materials: Bricks, Diorites, Diorite Slabs, Diorite Walls, Iron Blocks, an Iron Door, Smokers, Iron Trapdoors, Barrels, Spruce Trapdoors, Lanterns, Chains, a Cauldron, Flower Pots with Flowers, and other Decorations.

Imagine you’re an owner of a lovely bakery in the town. Do you want to apply this design to your kitchen?

Besides the perfect color palette from the diorite and bricks, everything else blends in so well with the background of an England street.

You have an old stove with a vent right above, a cauldron, a refrigerator, and a unique shelf that contain some hanging barrels to save some space.

8. Futuristic Kitchen

Materials: Black Concrete, Black Shulker Boxes, Gray Banners, Black Banners, an Iron Bar, Blast Furnaces, Gray Shulker Boxes, Iron Blocks, an Iron Door, Hoppers, Andesite Walls, Iron Trapdoors, and other Decorations.

Different from modern houses, futuristic builds in Minecraft tend to have weird-looking shapes, with the main colors being black, gray, and white.

This kitchen design is great because it also has monotone colors, except for the plants and flowers in the pot, which makes the design more lively than ever!

So if you’re a fan of simplicity and minimalism, this design is definitely for you!

So those are the 8 Minecraft kitchen design ideas!

Let’s build a decent place to cook and store your food, gamers!

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