10 Inspiring Minecraft Table Design Ideas

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When you first start to build an interior in Minecraft, we know that you’re probably going to be struggling to make a table.

That’s why we’re gonna share some of the best Minecraft table design ideas. Let’s get inspired!

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In this article, we cover all types of small tables for different themes such as camping, medieval, wooden, luxury, spooky, and even playgrounds. So let’s pick the design you love the most and start gathering the materials!

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10 Inspiring Minecraft Table Design Ideas

Although those designs already look good with the current block combination, you can freely experiment by using other blocks in the same category of your choice. For example, oak is a great choice if you don’t have enough spruce wood.

1. Bar Table

Materials: Iron Bars, Spruce Trapdoors, Andesite Stairs, Flower Pots, Pickles, Turtle Eggs, Lanterns, and other Saplings.

We are starting the list with a simple bar table design with a hanging andesite table.

The highlight of this idea is the bar chair, which is made from 1 iron bar and two spruce trapdoors. After that, feel free to decorate the table with food and light sources of your choice.

2. BBQ Table

Materials: Loom Blocks, Brown Banners, Item Frames, Iron Trapdoors, Oak Plates, Iron Bars, Birch Trapdoors, Leaves, and a Campfire.

There is nothing better than having a BBQ party with your friends right in Minecraft, and this design can flame up the party well.

The loom’s texture is already good enough to be used in a BBQ table, but we can upgrade it furthermore by putting banners on the front side. Then put an iron bar inside the item frame and rotate it to create the table’s handles.

To place the food on the loom, you have to spawn the hidden item frame using the command “/give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}“. Then place the food on it with your right mouse button.

3. Camping Table

Materials: Spruce Trapdoors, Campfires, Oak Trapdoors, Pickles, Turtle Eggs, Armor Stands, Oak Fences, White Carpets, Light Blue Carpets, and a Jungle Trapdoor.

Next, we have a lovely yet beautiful camping table design.

You can use this idea with the BBQ table above to create an engaging party at the back of your house in Minecraft.

The hard part of this design is the foundation of the parasol. It’s made by placing a lot of armor stands in one block and rotating them at eight different angles. When you’re done, break the block below to make them fall down.

To remove the gap between the armor stands and the oak fences, you have to place a piston facing down, right on top of the fences. Then place a redstone block on top of the piston to activate it. And you’re finished with this build!

4. Dining Table

Materials: Oak Slabs, Oak Trapdoors, Blue Banners, Oak Signs, Spruce Trapdoors, Ladders, and a Painting.

Simple and aesthetic is what you can use to describe this Minecraft table design idea.

With minimum resources and requiring low effort to build, this is by far an excellent design for newcomers.

5. Medieval Table

Materials: Stone Brick Stairs, Smooth Stone Slabs, Armor Stands, Spruce Trapdoors, Chains, Lanterns, Turtle Eggs, Pickles, Hidden Item Frames, and some Food items.

Things get serious when people gather and sit around this table. In fact, it looks like a place where vital meeting occurs in middle age.

By using the hidden item frames (which can only be obtained by commands), you can create a great scene where the food is laid all over the place.

The chairs are also tricky to make since the bottom part of them is an armor stand. To accomplish this design, you have to use a piston and a redstone block trick once again.

6. Ping Pong Table

Materials: Spruce Fences, Andesite Walls, Iron Trapdoors, White Stained Glasses, White Carpets, Lime Carpets, Strings, and other decoration blocks.

Here’s the third modern Minecraft table design idea on the list!

By using a simple trick to place some strings on the ground first, then place the carpets on top of them, you can make a simple ping pong table right in your house.

Note that this design is only for decoration purposes. You can’t play ping pong in Minecraft just yet…

7. Luxury Table

Materials: Spruce Stairs, Spruce Slabs, Oak Slabs, Spruce Doors, Red Banners, Red Carpets, Fire Corals, Item Frames, Flower Pots, and some Food Items.

Next, we have a luxury and royal table design which you can use in pretty much any castle building.

The entire table is spruce wood with three waterlogged slabs in the middle. That way, the corals can always retain their freshness.

Moreover, you can use hidden item frames instead of normal ones to store the food.

8. Trapdoor Table

Materials: Spruce Stairs, Dark Oak Trapdoors, Brown Banners, Spruce Trapdoors, Anvils, Campfires, a Peony, and some uncooked Food Items.

Over 70% of this table design is made from trapdoors, so that’s where the name comes from.

Under each table’s corner is an anvil. Then in the middle slot, put any dirt block on the ground and plant a peony there. This makes the table looks and smells better already.

Now you only need to place two unlit campfires on either side of the flower and cover them up with uncooked food.

9. Wooden Table

Materials: Oak Slabs, Oak Trapdoors, Oak Fence Gates, Oak Signs, Spruce Stairs, a Spruce Trapdoors, Pickles, Turtle Eggs, an Item Frame, and an Oak Sapling.

Are you looking for a simple and budget Minecraft table design? If so, we’ve got you covered!

You can make this design in under a minute with a few blocks of oak and spruce wood.

The table consists of four chairs with an oak fence gate between them, creating a steady armchair. You can replace the turtle egg and pickles on the table with other decorations, such as lanterns or flower pots.

10. Spooky Quartz Table

Materials: Quartz Slabs, Birch Signs, Iron Trapdoors, Gray Carpets, Chains, Soul Lanterns, Paintings, Azaleas, and Leaves.

And here’s the final Minecraft table design idea on the list, a spooky quartz table.

The table is pretty simple to replicate, with six chairs around the floating table made from iron trapdoors and some carpets on top. To make it better, hanging some soul lanterns on the ceiling is a great idea!

Then the decorations are totally up to you! But we would keep it simple by placing some plants and paintings on the wall.

Those are the 10 Minecraft table design ideas.

What’s your favorite design? Let us know in the comment below!

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