Mobile Legends: Adventure – Wishing Shrine

Mobile Legends: Adventure – Wishing Shrine

Wishing Shrine is one of the buildings players can access on the main screen. It is the main building in which heroes are obtained. In this guide we cover everything about the Wishing Shrine from what it is, to what the odds of getting a 5-star hero is.

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What is the Wishing Shrine

The Wishing Shrine is Mobile Legend: Adventure’s summoning building. Here you can summon random heroes in exchange for in-game currencies. There are three different kinds of summons: Common Summon, Premium Summon, and Friendship Summon. Each Premium summon gives you 10 Premium points. Once you’ve accumulated 1000 Premium Points and have reached VIP3, you can exchange those 1000 Premium Points for a 5-star Hero.

Summoning methods Wishing Shrine Mobile Legends Adventure

Cost of summoning heroes

Every 8 hours you receive a free Common Summon, and every 48 hours you receive a free Premium Summon. Besides that, you have to spend in-game currencies to summon heroes in the Wishing Shrine. Here are the different costs of summoning heroes

Common Summon: 1 Common Recruitment Ticket for 1 summon (10 tickets for 10 summons)

Premium Summon: 1 Premium Recruitment Ticket for 1 summon (10 tickets for 10 summons). You can also buy Premium Summons with diamonds: 1 summon costs 280 diamonds, 10 summons cost 2500 diamonds (250 diamonds per summon).

Friendship Summon: 10 Hearts (friendship points) for 1 summon, 100 Hearts for 10 summons.

Summoning animation Mobile Legends Adventure

How to get summoning tickets

There are several ways to obtain summoning tickets in Mobile Legends: Adventure. These include the Market, in which common recruitment tickets often are sold for gold and premium recruitment tickets for diamonds. Tickets are also rewards for completing certain Achievements. Furthermore, you’ll find premium tickets in events, sign-in rewards.

Premium tickets sign in rewards Mobile Legends Adventure

Summoning rates

Something most players wonder in games with a summoning element such as in Mobile Legends: Adventure, is of course what the odds of receiving a 5-star hero is. Here are the rates of each type of summon in the game:

Common Summoning

1-Star: 35.02%

2-Star: 55.03%

3-Star: 8.41%

4-Star: 1.54%

5-Star: 0%

Premium Summoning

1-Star: 20%

2-Star: 20%

3-Star: 42.4%

4-Star: 13%

5-Star: 4.6%

Friendship Summoning

1-Star: 18.3%

2-Star: 18.3%

3-Star: 50.32%

4-Star: 12.17%

5-Star: 0.91%

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