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Most of us have probably used Smithing a lot in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord to get some of the best weapons we can get. However, the grind for high levels takes a very long time.

With the help of Smithing, players can craft and customize their chosen weapons, changing things such as pummels, blade length, armguards, and more.

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Not only is it an amazing way to acquire amazingly powerful weapons, but it is also a great way to earn huge amounts of money. Say goodbye to looting and trading, and say hello to Smithing!

All one needs to learn now is how to exactly level the Smithing skill fast in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord to gain maximum profit (and fun)!

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How the Smithing Skill and Stamina Work in Bannerlord

To start Smithing in Bannerlord, players will first need to visit a town. Inside all cities, users can see the “Enter smithy” option in the town interface.

The Smithy itself has 3 different menus warlords can use:

  • Smelt
  • Forge
  • Refine

Whenever a player uses one of these interfaces, they will use their character’s Stamina. Stamina is a special Smithing stat that starts at 100 and increases by +1 every 2 Smithing levels (Level 100 Smithing = 150 Stamina).

Stamina will only regenerate when you rest in settlements, which makes it very detrimental to people who want to craft thousands of arms.

The “Smelt” function can be used to destroy weapons in your inventory to gain Smithing resources, such as Iron and Steel. For every piece of equipment smelted, the character will lose 10 Stamina.

The resources you can get from smelting an item will be based on the resources needed to craft said item. Usually, higher-tier, expensive weapons will yield higher-tier materials.

The “Forge” tab is where you can craft customized weapons for your heroes. In this menu, players can select what type of weapon they would like to craft (One Handed Sword, Javelin, etc.) and select each distinct part of the armament.

In terms of Stamina, forging weapons uses the most amount, and it is solely based on the type and tier of equipment you are crafting. It can start at a 10 Stamina consumption and get to as high as 50.

In the “Refine” submenu, users will be able to create higher-tier materials from lower-tier ones they already have. Resources in this menu start from Harwood and can go as high as Thamaskene Steel.

When it comes to refining, you will only use 6 Stamina per material conversion. This might sound good, but you will refine so much Hardwood that you will instantly change your mind.


There is a great mechanic that TaleWorlds has recently added called Orders. These are special requests from notable characters in every town in Calradia.

There are 6 of them whenever one steps into a new settlement, and they are special orders for specific weapons.

They will specify the type of armament (Polearm, Dagger) and the stats for it. Players can choose any parts they like to fulfill the order.

In return, the hero will receive an amount of money and a lot of experience, based on the difficulty and type of the requested weapon. These orders will respawn a few days later once the player completes them.

And now you know all the basics, but how exactly do you level up this Smithing skill fast in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord?

How to Level Smithing Fast

There are many ways to gain XP for the Smithing skill in Bannerlord. However, most of them can’t be considered fast or efficient.

Since Smithing is connected to Stamina, there is no way to reach level 300 in Smithing in a day. You can, however, do it in a month or two (worst-case scenario).

There are 2 clear ways one can level Smithing fast in Bannerlord:

  • Forge, Smelt, Repeat
  • Order Adventure

Forge, Smelt, Repeat

This method is straightforward and easy to do. The beauty of this technique is that, unless the city is sieged, you won’t even move for a few weeks.

Here is how to level up Smithing fast in Bannerlord using the Forge, Smelt, Repeat method, starting from Level 1 Smithing:

  1. Find a rich town and buy all the Hardwood you can get (Sell whatever you can to do this).
  2. Refine the Hardwood into Charcoal until you reach level 25.
  3. Pick the Efficient Charcoal Maker Perk.
  4. Refine all the Hardwood into Charcoal, and sell some afterward to buy some Crude, Wrought, and normal Iron.
  5. Go to the Forge, select the Two-Handed Weapons or Two-Handed Axes, bring the Size to the max for all components, and craft as many as possible.
  6. Smelt most of the newly forged weapons (sell some to buy more materials) and Repeat!

Starting from level 1, you can get to 70 Smithing in a week and a couple of thousand denarii using this technique. This should work without any problems, as long as the town isn’t besieged.

Order Adventure

This method is more interesting and fun but can take a lot of time. You will also need to be relatively invested in the gameplay for this Smithing skill farming technique.

As mentioned earlier, there are 6 Smithing Orders in every town when you enter them. What we have not specified is that Two-Handed Swords, Axes, and Polearms give the most XP when crafted.

So, here is how you level Smithing fast in Bannerlord using the Order mechanic:

  1. Enter a town and look for Orders that want Two-Handed Swords, Axes, or Polearms.
  2. Take the mentioned Orders and complete them. It does not matter if you fail. You will still receive more XP than if you crafted items without an order.
  3. Leave and repeat in a new town.

After doing around 10 Orders in different towns, you will most likely have increased Smithing from level 1 to at least 100 and gained a small fortune.

This method is fun because you can also participate in tournaments and do various quests while traveling the world of Calradia.

The only problem is that players can enter cities that don’t have Two Handed Orders for them to fulfill. This means that this can take more time than the other method, but it is more enjoyable gameplay-wise.

That’s everything you need to know about the Smithing skill in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord!

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