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Home to poisonous creatures, the starting point to multiple quests, and a plethora of other amenities like the Nature Altar or Duradel the Slayer Master, Karamja is a vast landscape that is completely separated from the rest of Old School RuneScape.

While intimidating at first, the island of Karamja has plenty to offer for any who travels here.

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Traveling to Karamja can be an adventure on its own. However, there are plenty of ways to get to Karamja, either on foot or through means of teleportation.

The best ways to get to Karamja in OSRS is to either utilize Fairy Rings, teleport with Karamja Gloves 3 or 4, take a Charter Ship to Brimhaven, or have a redirection House Teleport tab to the POH portal in Brimhaven. You can also take a boat from Port Sarim, use the Gnome Gliders, or travel via the Abyss and the Nature Altar to reach Karamja.

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How to Get to Karamja in OSRS

There are several ways to reach the island of Karamja in Old School RuneScape. Here, you’ll find a complete overview of the different ways to get there.

Taking a Boat from Port Sarim

For those who want to take the traditional route to Karamja, boats at Port Sarim can take you to the respective port in Karamja. Each boat ride costs 30gp one-way to travel.

If you do not have enough gp on the return trip from Karamja to Port Sarim, the Banana Plantation will offer you a job of picking bananas in exchange for 30gp as payment.

Players who have completed the “Pirate Treasure” quest should be familiar with this, as you will need to work for the Banana Plantation at some point in the quest.

Teleporting with an Amulet of Glory

Currently selling on the Grand Exchange for around 13k, an Amulet of Glory can hold up to six charges and allows a player to teleport to Edgeville, Draynor Village, Al-Khalid, or Karamja.

Upon each teleport, a charge will be used up, and you will find yourself in the Banana Plantation on Karamja.

Using Fairy Rings

Somewhat of a medium-level method of getting to Karamja is by using Fairy Rings.

After completing the “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” quest, you can access Fairy Rings. There are multiple Fairy Rings that you can use to reach Karamja, such as:

  • TzHaar City – BLP
  • North-West of Shilo Village – CKR
  • Karambwan Fishing Spot – DKP

Taking a Charter Ship

At any of the major ports in Old School RuneScape, there is a Charter Ship that you can use to reach various locations in OSRS, such as the piers at both Brimhaven and the Ship Yard.

While taking a ship to the Ship Yard isn’t ideal, reaching Brimhaven from most other cities in OSRS is handy.

The price for a one-way trip will vary depending on the originating port you are leaving from, but reaching Brimhaven costs anywhere between 200gp to 4k gp.

Teleporting With Karamja Gloves 3 & 4

For players who have completed at least the Hard Tier Karamja Achievement Diary, you will be able to teleport an unlimited number of times to the Gem Mine in Shilo Village.

This is an extremely handy way to reach the heart of Karamja and is often used for players trying to get a new slayer task from Duradel.

While completing the easy, medium, and hard tiers of an achievement diary may not seem ideal at first, it is well worth the grind to do so.

Using a POH Teleport

Although not commonly used, there is a Player Owned House (POH) Portal in Brimhaven right next to the dungeon.

If you find yourself coming to Karamja often, you can set your POH to that portal, then use either a House Teleport tab or the “Teleport to House” spell to reach there at a moment’s notice.

Alternatively, you can use a Scroll of Redirection (obtained from the Nightmare Zone minigame) on a House Teleport tab to redirect it to the Brimhaven POH portal.

That way, you can have a one-click teleport to Karamja without having to move your house there.

Taking a Gnome Glider

If you have completed the “Grand Tree” quest, you will have access to the various Gnome Gliders around Old School RuneScape.

These can be used to fly to different locations in OSRS, such as the Gnome Glider on the eastern shore of Karamja.

From any of the other Gnome Gliders (the one on the top floor of the Tree Gnome Stronghold is used the most), interact with the Gnome Gliders and select “Gandius” for the pilot to fly you to the eastern shore of Karamja.

Although you will end up in a distant location from everything else, it is still a decent method of getting to Karamja when all else fails.

Using The Abyss

The Abyss is a hellish cavern that can be entered through the Wilderness (around Lvl 10 just north of Edgeville) that is used to access all of the RuneCrafting Altars.

The Abyss is also home to the Dark Mage, who repairs Essence Pouches and the entrance to the Abyssal Sire slayer boss.

Be warned that not only will you be entering the Wilderness for this method (where other players can attack you), but you will also be skulled immediately upon entering the Abyss (unless you’re wearing an Abyssal Bracelet).

Inside the Abyss are dozens of Abyssal creatures ranging from combat levels 41 to 81.

Once inside the Abyss, you can make your way to the inner ring to access the different RuneCrafting altars.

The different entrances to reach the ring will require you to complete a certain task, such as avoiding eyes on a wall using Thieving, chopping down tendrils using Woodcutting, or setting fire to boils using Firemaking.

From here, you can find the Nature Altar teleport spot, enter it to reach the Altar itself, and then exit out of the altar’s main portal to reach Karamja.

It is worth noting that this can be down for all of the altars. For example you can access the Law Altar through the Abyss, then exit out of the available portal to reach Entrana without issue.

That is how to get to Karamja in Old School RuneScape!

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