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The Elven City of Prifddinas is a unique yet remote location with several travel methods.

Unlike most other cities in Old School RuneScape, it has its own item dedicated to teleporting directly there: the Teleport Crystal (and its Eternal Teleport Seed variant).

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However, the regular Teleport Crystal can only hold a limited amount of charges and will need to be recharged after a maximum of five uses.

Since the source that recharges mentioned Crystals changes depending on how far you are in the Elven quest line, this can be a tricky task for most players to accomplish.

Teleport Crystals in OSRS can be recharged by paying a small fee to Eluned, who can be found wandering throughout the lands of Tiranwwn.

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How to Recharge Teleport Crystal in OSRS

The Teleport Crystal is an item that can be used to teleport directly to both Prifddinas and Lletya. While both locations can be reached alternatively, using a Teleport Crystal is the fastest way to reach said areas.

The regular Teleport Crystal can only hold a maximum of five charges (which is only possible after completing the Hard Tier Western Provinces Achievement Diary).

Teleport Crystals will need to be taken to Eluned for her to recharge them for a fee between 150gp-750gp.

The price depends on how often you have had her recharge a Teleport Crystal in the past (the first time is 750gp, going down by 150gp until the fifth recharge, where it stays at a price of 150gp a crystal).

While talking to her to recharge your Teleport Crystals isn’t hard, finding her is tricky, as she changes locations multiple times based on how much of the Elven quest line you have completed.

There are four possible locations that Eluned can be found:

  • Before starting the “Song of the Elves” quest:
    • East of the Tyras Camp
    • Southwest of Lletya
  • During the “Song of the Elves” quest:
    • In Lletya
  • After completing the “Song of the Elves” quest:
    • Next to the Dye Shop in Prifddinas

Note: if you go to one of the locations within Tirannwn but do not see her, wait around ten minutes for her to show up as she travels back and forth between the two spots.

Once you talk to her about the Teleport Crystals and coins in your inventory, she can recharge them without problems!

That is how to recharge a Teleport Crystal in Old School RuneScape!

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