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Puzzles & Conquest is a puzzle mobile game by 37GAMES that combines the match-3 genre with RPG battles.

In the game, you progress through levels of enemies by completing puzzles to attack and by drawing help from your heroes.

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To increase your chances of victory, you’ll be collecting and upgrading heroes throughout the game.

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On your journey, you will also be building a mighty kingdom, gather resources, exploring the vast land, and more.

Puzzles & Conquest is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Table of contents

Basics of the game

The main objective of Puzzle & Conquest is to beat levels of enemies, build a mighty kingdom, and conquer the land.

Most of the active gameplay in the game consists of puzzles where you fight waves of enemies.

When you match pieces on these levels, each of the tiles will fly up to the enemy and damage them.

To help you in battle, you get to bring five heroes, each of with possesses a special attack.

All heroes belong to one of five types, indicated by the color of their icon. Here are the five different types.

  • Gale (Green)
  • Water (Blue)
  • Fire (Red)
  • Dark (Purple)
  • Light (Yellow)

In battle, heroes gain power for their special attack when you match pieces the color of the type of the heroes.

When a hero has charged its special attack, you can use it by clicking the hero at the bottom of the screen.

Besides battling in levels of puzzles, you will also be building a mighty kingdom.

Here, you can train troops, gather resources, upgrade the power of your heroes, and more.

Once you’ve gathered enough troops, you can go fight enemies and other players on the world map by clicking the ‘World’ button in the bottom left corner.

To help you get a good start and progress faster in the game, we’ve created this guide with several tips and tricks.

How to get heroes

Heroes play a major role in the outcome of levels in Puzzles & Conquest.

As you progress through the game, having a strong roster of heroes becomes increasingly important.

The main way to get heroes in Puzzles and Conquest is by using the recruit feature in the Hero Hall to get hero shards. Once you have a specific number of the same hero shards, you can combine them into that hero.

You can also get heroes through other means, including special events.

Furthermore, some quests and rewards give hero shards, so be sure to keep an eye out for these as well.

To access the recruit feature, you can either click the Hero Hall in the top left corner of your city, or click the ‘Hero’ tab, go to bag, and click ‘Go’ under ‘Hero Frag.’.

There are three types of recruitment types in the game, Basic, Deluxe, and Rare.

Here is a quick overview of the chance to get hero shards of each rarity for each type of recruitment.

  • Basic Recruit: 2-star heroes – 46%, 3-star heroes – 11%, 4 and 5-star heroes – 0%, other items – 43%.
  • Deluxe Recruit: 2-star heroes – 43%, 3-star heroes – 20%, 4-star heroes – 5.5%, 5-star heroes – 0%, other items – 31.5%.
  • Rare Recruit: 2-star heroes – 0%, 3-star heroes – 30%, 4-star heroes – 30%, 5-star heroes – 30%, other items – 10%.

You can do basic recruitments for free many times daily, deluxe recruitments for free daily, and rare recruitments for free every two days.

When you’ve used your free recruitments, you have to spend rune oaths to do recruitments.

You obtain these through different activities in the game, including quests, rewards, events, and more.

Higher tiered oath runes are, of course, harder to come by than those used for basic recruitments.

Join an alliance

Joining an alliance is an excellent way to progress faster in Puzzles & Conquest.

When you’re part of an alliance, you get access to a variety of useful rewards and resources.

Firstly, the alliance can unlock treasures chests containing useful items when players buy alliance packs.

Members of an alliance also gain access to the Alliance Shop, which sells a variety of items and resources depending on what level the alliance is, what items have been stocked, and other factors.

Another very useful feature is the Alliance Tech tab, which allows the alliance to research buffs.

By being in an alliance, you can also get help from alliance members when you’re being attacked, get access to special alliance events, and can participate in alliance war.

Lastly, all alliances have their own territory in which the alliance’s buildings reside.

Gathering and storing resources at alliance buildings comes with benefits, including faster gathering speeds and plundering protection.

To join an alliance, click the ‘Alliance’ tab in the bottom menu and find an alliance you wish to join.

Most alliances make you apply, while others allow you to join instantly.

We recommend trying to find an established and active alliance. However, it could be troublesome to join a great alliance early on.

Therefore, you might want to join a newer alliance at the beginning of the game and then switching to another later on, or try to build up the one you’ve joined.

Best heroes

Even though most heroes in Puzzles & Conquest can do well on your team, some heroes simply are better than most.

Here are some of the best heroes for each type of hero.

  • Gale (Green): Guan Yu
  • Water (Blue): Zeus
  • Fire (Red): Lucifer
  • Dark (Purple): Anubis
  • Light (Yellow): Horus

All these heroes are extremely strong in battle and bring either amazing damage or utility.

There are, of course, many other great heroes you can use.

If you’re looking for heroes for your team with a specific skill set or utility, check out the hero gallery.

To check all heroes in the game, their stats, and skills, click ‘Hero’ in the bottom menu and select the ‘Unobtained’ tab. Here you can see all heroes.

Follow quests to progress fast

To ensure you don’t miss out on vital content and progress fast, you should always follow the game’s quests.

Quests will lead you in the right direction of the game and give you useful rewards throughout your journey.

Most quests simple to complete and just require you to upgrade a building to a specific level, upgrade your heroes, or beat some game content.

You can see all your current quests by clicking the ‘Quest’ button in the bottom menu.

There are three types of quests, Main, Daily, and Alliance.

The main quests help you progress by making you upgrade your city, etc., while daily and alliance quests help you explore different content in the game.

If you want to optimize your progression rate, you should do all three types of quests.

That’s our tips and tricks for Puzzles & Conquest.

Hopefully, you are better suited for progressing in the game or getting a great start.

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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