Rust – How to Move Tool Cupboard (TC): Is It Possible?

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In Rust, the Tool Cupboard (TC) is the most important part of players’ bases. It allows you to build and pick up structures in the base’s sphere of influence.

If someone gets access to your TC, they can easily set themselves as one of the owners of the base and start destroying everything in there without any problems.

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Since you might set up the TC wherever you can at the start of a server, you might regret its position later and want to move it to a better location.

There is no way to pick up or move the TC in Rust after it’s been placed. To move a Tool Cupboard in Rust, you will need to destroy it and place a new one in the desired location.

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How to Move the Tool Cupboard (TC) in Rust

There is no way to pick up a Tool Cupboard (TC) in Rust. To actually move a TC in Rust, you will have to destroy the original one and place a new one in the desired location.

A quick way to destroy the TC is to use Fire Arrows, as they are easy to make and will allow you to get rid of the TC in seconds. Try to shoot them from above to make sure you also drop some embers on it, making the process even quicker.

When you destroy a TC in Rust, the structures that it was supposed to protect will still be maintained for 24 hours if enough resources were inside the cupboard.

If you plan to move your TC, you should remove all the resources from it before destroying it. If you destroy it with resources inside, it will erase enough resources to protect the base for 24 hours and give you the rest on the ground.

Since you are going to place the new TC in a few seconds, you shouldn’t worry about decay if you get everything out of the old TC.

In the past, you would have also needed to disable your turrets and traps, as they would start shooting you without the TC, but you won’t need to worry about this now.

That’s everything you need to know about how to move the Tool Cupboard (TC) in Rust!

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