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As you get your first animals in Stardew Valley, you might start wondering if there is any risk of losing them if you don’t give them proper care.

Is there a risk if you don’t feed them? There are many players that get animals before they have a Silo and will usually have no idea how to give them food. What happens if you don’t feed your animals? Do they die?

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There are also many random things that might affect your cute new farm animals in Stardew Valley, and the real question is if anything can actually end their life.

Below you can find out exactly how your farm animals could die in Stardew Valley if you don’t take care of them properly.

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Can Farm Animals Die in Stardew Valley from Hunger?

Farm animals in Stardew Valley can die, but it won’t be for the reasons you’d expect. All your animals in Stardew Valley cannot die from hunger.

If you don’t feed your animals in Stardew Valley, you won’t lose any of them.

The only problem that you get by not feeding your animals is that they will end up hating you, and they will get annoyed at you.

Another huge debuff that comes when you don’t feed your animals is that they don’t produce any resources. This is extremely bad since that is the only reason why you would want a farm animal in the first place.

Still, leaving your farm animals to die of starvation won’t actually kill them, just leave you without resources and with angry creatures on your farm.

How Farm Animals Can Die in Stardew Valley

The only way that farm animals can die in Stardew Valley is if you leave them outside at night. This only happens if you close the Barn/Coop door before all the animals get in, leaving them stuck outside.

In general, if you never close the animal hatch door for the Barn and Coop, you will never risk losing your farm animals.

The exact event that you can get when you leave your animals outside is that wild animals have attacked them, and they died.

There is also a more likely chance that nothing will happen, and your animals will just end up hating you for leaving them outside.

Some players can have a bug where if they place a fence really close to the door of a Barn or Coop, the animals stop going inside. This won’t give you the normal debuffs if you left the door to their living buildings open.

Usually, the best way to keep your farm animals alive in Stardew Valley is to always leave their hatch open since they will go inside and outside by themselves, and the buffs you get from closing their hatch aren’t worth the effort.

That’s everything you need to know about how farm animals can die in Stardew Valley!

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