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Some of the most useful and beautiful trees in Stardew Valley are fruit trees. Depending on the season, they will give you some very profitable fruits every day.

However, many players might end up placing them at the start of the game in locations that aren’t extremely convenient.

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Maybe you wanted the fruit tree to be close to your house, and now it stands in the way of the beautiful road you are building.

Since these trees take a really long time to grow, many Stardew Valley players wonder if they can move fruit trees without losing all that progress. Well, you can find the answer below.

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Can You Move Fruit Trees in Stardew Valley?

No, you cannot move fruit trees in Stardew Valley. This is very unfortunate news, as a tree takes a whole season to grow.

So, if you’ve placed your fruit trees in weird or uncomfortable places, you will either have to cut them down or leave them as is. Also, there is no way to get the sapling back. Fruit trees don’t work the same way as normal oak or maple trees.

They don’t have seeds that occasionally fall out of them. They grow by planting saplings that you can only get from shops. Even if you cut down the tree, the moment you’ve planted it, you’ve lost that sapling. Since fruit tree saplings are very expensive, this can be very disconcerting for some players.

This is why it might be best if you want to plant fruit trees to first plan out how you might want them to look. This is especially important if you want to plant a lot of them in the greenhouse, where they may give you fruit every day, no matter the season.

So, all you can do is cut the tree down, collect its wood, if it had time to grow that much, and buy some new saplings from Pierre.

If you really want to move trees, no matter what, you can try looking for a mod to help you out. There are also mods that will help you grow fruit trees instantly, but some might consider that cheating.

That’s everything you need to know about how to move fruit trees in Stardew Valley!

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