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Chickens are an amazing source of money and ingredients in Stardew Valley, as they give you Eggs every day and allow you to produce some quality Mayonnaise to sell.

However, there is an improved version of the Eggs that you get from Chickens, known as Large Eggs, which will make you a lot more money and will make you a millionaire in no time.

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Unfortunately, most players have no idea how to get Large Eggs or Milk in Stardew Valley, as there are no explanations in-game or no hints about this special animal product, and you have to discover by experimenting.

To get Large Eggs in Stardew Valley, you need to have high Friendship/hearts with the Chicken, and you need it to have a high Mood as well. If specific requirements based on Friendship and Mood are met, the Chicken will produce a Large Egg that day.

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What are Large Eggs in Stardew Valley?

Animals such as Chickens and Cows can produce an improved version of their normal product, which is named the Large Egg or Large Milk. The value of the Large Egg is 45% more valuable than the normal Egg.

Normally, you would turn Eggs into Mayonnaise to make some money off your Chickens.

The Large Egg is very useful since it can be turned into gold-quality Mayonnaise, which is 50% more profitable than normal-quality Mayonnaise.

There is no other way to get gold quality Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley. You will need the Large Eggs.

If you want higher-quality Mayonnaise, you will need Ostriches or Golden Chickens in your Coop.

How to Get Large Eggs in Stardew Valley

To get Large Eggs from Chickens on a daily basis in Stardew Valley, you need to make sure that they have a high Mood and Friendship.

You can obtain Large Eggs from Chickens every day if you have at least 200 Friendship points with them.

The formula for calculating your daily probability of receiving Large Eggs in Stardew Valley is:

  • (Friendship + (Mood * Mood Modifier)) / 1,200

Friendship with your Chickens will range from 0 and 1,000 points. You can gain Friendship points with your Chickens by interacting with them every day and making sure they have food.

Mood of farm animals is determined by how well you care for them.

The mood scale ranges from 0 to 255. In general, if you take excellent care of your animals, you will have both high levels of Friendship and Mood with them.

The Mood Modifier is a Mood-based metric. The Modifier will be 1.5 if the Chicken has more than 200 Mood. The Mood Modifier will be 0 between 200 and 100 and negative below 100.

How to Get Large Eggs Every Day

Based on all the previous data, it should be relatively easy to get Large Eggs every day in Stardew Valley.

To get Large Eggs every day, you must have at least 200 Mood and the maximum amount of hearts with your Chickens (5).

Eating grass outside automatically raises the Mood of all farm animals, including the Chickens, to 255 and keeps it there if no errors are made (such as leaving the Chickens outside at night or not feeding them).

So, if you wish to get Large Eggs every day, boost your Chickens’ friendship to 5 hearts and then keep them inside until you can grow some grass near their Coop.

Allow them to go outside one day, when there’s a lot of grass inside their walking area, to eat everything, and then lock them back in.

If you feed and pet your Chickens every day in Stardew Valley, you should easily keep Mood over 200, ensuring that you get Large Eggs every day.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Large Eggs in Stardew Valley!

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