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The Slingshot is the only ranged weapon that players can find and use in Stardew Valley. Since nobody likes fainting inside the Skull Cavern, using a slingshot is a must to avoid close-ranged damage.

However, some players may have difficulty either using ammo with the weapon or just hitting their targets.

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Due to the red target that appears when you try to use the slingshot, you might not understand the range of this weapon. How far can the slingshot actually hit?

To use a slingshot in Stardew Valley, you just need to place some ammo inside the slingshot, as you would bait in a fishing rod, and use the normal attack button (left-click on PC) to shoot.

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How to Use the Slingshot in Stardew Valley

To use a slingshot in Stardew Valley, you will first need to place some ammo inside it. The description of the weapon will make you think that only stones work.

However, you can use a lot of different items as ammo for the slingshot. To give the slingshot the ammo, just open your inventory, select the ammo, and right-click (“do action” button) to place the ammo inside the weapon.

You can tell now that you have ammo since there is a number that represents how many shots you have over the slingshot in the inventory. If you want to see all the items you can use as ammo for the slingshot, you can find a list below.

Now, if you actually want to shoot the slingshot in Stardew Valley, you will just need to equip it and press and hold the attack button (left click) to charge your shot. You will see the direction you are going to shoot by looking at the red target.

When you release the attack button, the slingshot will finally shoot whatever ammo you used. In theory, the slingshot has a limitless range.

The slingshot will hit walls, enemies, NPCs, and bodies of water. It won’t, however, hit rocks, items, and other buildings that aren’t big enough to enter.

So, if you use explosive ammo in the mines to destroy rocks, make sure to aim at walls or enemies to destroy your targets. Using a slingshot with explosive ammo inside the mines is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get through the floors.

Since explosive ammo is cheap to make (1 iron bar and 2 coal) and it does enough damage to instantly destroy most rocks, players can use it to get through the mines extremely fast, including the Skull Cavern.

Slingshot Ammo

Here is a list of all the items you can use as ammo for the slingshot in Stardew Valley, along with how much damage they deal using the basic slingshot:

  • All Fruits, Vegetables, and Eggs – 1-3 Damage
  • Wood – 1-5 Damage
  • Stone – 3-11 Damage
  • Copper Ore – 5-21 Damage
  • Coal – 8-31 Damage
  • Explosive Ammo – 10-41 Damage
  • Iron Ore – 10-41 Damage
  • Gold Ore – 15-61 Damage
  • Iridium Ore – 25-101 Damage

The iridium ore is the best item to use as ammo for the slingshot. However, many might consider using iridium ore as slingshot ammo a waste of resources.

In general, the slingshot is very useful if used along with explosive ammo. Just remember that the damage won’t be high enough to defeat most enemies, and you will often hit yourself.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use the slingshot in Stardew Valley!

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