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Though Stardew Valley is a cute farming game where you get to grow your own crops and build up your farm from scratch, there are some mechanics in the game that will confuse some new players and cause them anxiety due to lack of information.

When you reach negative Energy or 2 AM, your character will pass out in Stardew Valley.

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This might seem very worrying since you have no idea what the results of this could be. Most players will want to spend some extra time in the Mines instead of running home at 1 AM.

Still, if you don’t know the exact debuffs that come with this decision, you will likely just avoid it altogether or just be scared of what might happen each time you are working too late on your farm.

If you pass out in Stardew Valley, you lose 50% of your available Energy for the next day and 10% of your gold, up to 1,000 g.

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What Happens When You Pass Out in Stardew Valley

When you pass out in Stardew Valley, you will lose 10% of your gold if it happened outside of your farmhouse, and you will wake up with up to 50% of your maximum Energy.

If you had over 50% Energy when it happened, then you will lose all the extra Energy for the next day.

This means that even if you had 0 Energy when you passed out at 2 AM, you will wake up the next day with 50% of your maximum Energy.

However, if you had more than 50% Energy when you passed out, you will wake up with the same amount of Energy that you had over 50%.

If you pass out due to fighting monsters in a dungeon in Stardew Valley, you will just wake up either on the first floor of the Mines (this only happens in the Mines), in your bed, or in Harvey’s Clinic, and you will lose some items alongside money, which can go up to 5,000 g.

The day will continue from the same point, and you won’t start a new day if you faint from losing all your Health.

Can You Die in Stardew Valley?

No, as opposed to your farm animals, you personally cannot die in Stardew Valley. When you “die” in Stardew Valley due to losing all your Health, you will just wake up, most likely in Harvey’s Clinic, having lost some items and money.

Though there is combat in Stardew Valley, the game is supposed to be a relaxing farming/life simulator, so what the monsters might do to you here and there won’t matter long term.

How You Can Pass Out

There are three reasons you can pass out in Stardew Valley:

  • Stay up past 2 AM.
  • Get -15 Energy.
  • Get 0 Health.

Staying up past 2 AM is the most common way to pass out in Stardew Valley due to how easily you can get distracted while mining for ores, fishing, or farming.

Luckily, if you run fast enough, you can try to faint inside the Farmhouse, which will allow you to not lose any money.

Stardew Valley players can also pass out by working too hard. When you reach 0 Energy in this game, your character will become exhausted, which will make them move slower and work like a snail.

However, if you push through the exhaustion without eating some food, you will still lose Energy using your tools and will pass out if you reach -15 Energy.

This will instantly end the day and start you with only 50% of your Max Energy.

The last way you can find yourself “dying” in Stardew Valley is by losing all of your Health.

This usually happens inside the dungeons where monsters roam, and you will just wake up a second later fully healed but with fewer items and money in your inventory.

That’s everything you need to know about what happens when you pass out in Stardew Valley!

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