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The first important ore in Stardew Valley that you will need to mine and collect is copper. Though copper is one of the weakest materials you will use in the game, it will be necessary to craft vital tools and buildings.

Players can easily find copper in the Mines north of Pelican Town. However, it can be hard to realize which levels are the best to farm this resource.

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Especially since, if you go down too far, you might end up finding more and more iron, coal, and gold rather than copper.

The best levels to mine copper in Stardew Valley are from 31 to 39. Each one of the floors will have an abundance of copper nodes that you can mine and reset by going out and back in again.

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What is the Best Level to Mine Copper in Stardew Valley

The best levels to mine copper in Stardew Valley are floors 31 to 39. Copper ores start appearing from floor 2 and will continue spawning until floor 119.

Even though copper ore spawns all over the Mines, the best levels to find it are the ones exactly before iron ore finally appears. Since iron ore starts spawning from floor 41, levels 31 to 39 are the best ones to mine copper. Normal Geodes are also more common on these floors.

Not only do these floors have more copper nodes than all the other ones, but normal rocks also have a chance of giving you copper ores. Each copper node will give you between 1 to 3 copper ores, while normal rocks between levels 31 and 39 can give one ore.

The only problem with these floors is that they are darker than normal. Though the Mines in Stardew Valley can be relatively dark, most players should be able to see without turning up their brightness.

However, between levels 31 and 39, the Mines are incredibly dark, and you will generally only see where lamps are placed on the walls. Unfortunately, you will need to bring a torch in these parts if you want to see where you are walking.

Other Ways to Get Copper Ores in Stardew Valley

Usually, players can easily get all the copper ores they need in Stardew Valley by going through those best levels. However, one disadvantage is that those floors are incredibly dark, and this can become very annoying.

Luckily, there are some other ways you can get copper ores if you don’t want to wander through those darker-than-normal mines:

  • Nodes in the Quarry and Quarry Mine
  • Loot from Copper Slimes in the Quarry Mine
  • Purchase From Blacksmith for 75 g 1st year, 150 g 2nd year forward
  • Loot from Metal Heads between the 81 and 119 levels
  • Get from Stonefish Fish Pond

That’s everything you need to know about the best level to mine copper in Stardew Valley!

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