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One of the first quests you get in Stardew Valley is to get Robin’s lost axe from somewhere around town. Unfortunately, the map is really large, and it isn’t extremely easy to find it.

Players will get Robin’s Lost Axe quest in the mail on Spring 11, and they will get absolutely no hints in the letter itself. However, if you opened the Journal, you would know the location in seconds.

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All you know from Robin is that the axe was last used somewhere south of Marnie’s Ranch. Well, the area south of the ranch is very large, so you will need some guidance.

You can find Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley south of Marnie’s Ranch, a little bit to the northeast of the Sewer entrance.

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Where is Robin’s Axe in Stardew Valley?

When you get the letter from Robin, there are no hints as to the location where you would find the axe.

However, if you press F to open the Journal and choose “Robin’s Lost Axe” quest, you will see that she last used the axe south of Marnie’s Ranch.

The location where you can find Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley is south of Marnie’s Ranch, in the Cindersap Forest.

You can reach the forest by walking to the south from your farm and entering the next region.

To the right, you can see Marnie’s Ranch, with a Silo next to the house and cows in the yard.

Head south, pass the two bridges and continue south until you get close to a huge Sewer Pipe with green liquid coming out of it.

If you open the map, you can see the exact location of the Sewer Pipe shown with a hole pouring green liquid into the ocean.

A little bit to the northeast, at the edge of the map, players will see an axe on the ground that you can pick up by interacting with it. It has a red handle and a dark gray cutting edge.

Finishing the Quest

After you pick up Robin’s Lost Axe, you will actually need to head over to her shop to give it to her. You can’t just mail it to her, as she mailed you the quest.

Robin lives northeast of Pelican Town. To reach her place, the Carpenter’s Shop, you can head east of the Farm and enter the Bus Stop region. Walk straight to the east and reach Pelican Town.

To reach the Carpenter’s Shop in Stardew Valley, just walk to the northeast, past the Community Center, and you will enter the Mountains region.

Then, just walk a bit to the northeast, and you will see the building where Robin lives.

Give her the axe, and you will get 250 gold and 1 friendship heart with Robin.

That’s everything you need to know about where is Robin’s Axe in Stardew Valley!

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