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Bleach: Immortal Soul is an RPG mobile game with lots of unique characters from the Bleach universe, all with a unique skillset and playstyle.

Throughout your adventures in the game, you’ll collect several of these characters, but which ones should you bring onto your team and upgrade?

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This tier list helps you get an overview of the best characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

There are a couple of characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul that do exceptionally well on any team and are sure to make you progress quicker.

These top tier characters include Kenpachi, Zangetsu, Yamamoto, Byakuya, and Aizen.

If you pull any of these, or get your hands on them in any other way, upgrading them and bringing them on your team is a great decision as they will be very useful late-game.

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Bleach: Immortal Soul tier list

With an overwhelming number of characters to choose from in Bleach: Immortal Soul, players can find it difficult to single out the best characters to use.

This tier list ranks characters from the game in tiers based on how powerful and useful they are in battle.

Each character is put in either S, A, B, C, or D tier.

A tier list like this one is great guidance when creating your team, but you should consider also consider other factors as well – learn more about these in our team building guide.

Here is a quick rundown of what each tier in the tier list represents.

S Tier – Characters in the S tier are the best in the game. These characters perform exceptionally well and should be used if you pull any.

A Tier – Characters in the A tier perform well above the average character. These characters are very strong and will help you significantly throughout your journey.

B Tier – Characters in the B tier perform as you’d expect. They aren’t particularly strong but aren’t weak by any means either. B tier characters can be a great addition to your team if you need a specific skillset, etc.

C Tier – Characters in the C tier perform below average with little potential for late game. As you want to replace these characters sooner rather than later, you shouldn’t upgrade them too much.

D Tier – Characters in the D tier are the weakest and least useful in the game. We don’t recommend spending resources on these characters as you want to replace them as soon as you get something better.

Soi FonASSRAttacker

Best attacker characters

Any great team in Bleach: Immortal Soul needs to have sufficient attackers who can dish out the necessary damage to take out the enemy team.

Attacker’s primary purpose is simply to deal as much damage as possible, but that often comes at the price of low defenses and utility.

Nevertheless, you will be struggling later on if you don’t have enough damage on your team, so make sure to bring enough attackers.

Here are two of the best attackers in the Bleach: Immortal Soul.


Kenpachi is one of the strongest damage dealers in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

Besides his incredible attack stats, he also increases the attack of all allies just by being on the team.

Kenpachi’s combo skill is Flurry, which deals massive damage to a single enemy.

If the enemy is of defense specialty, he deals 60% extra damage plus 10% extra damage per dead enemy in the current battle, making Kenpachi amazing at taking down tanky defensive characters.

His rage skill, Kendo-Ryodan, deals major damage to a column of enemies and decreases affected enemies’ defense and boosts allied back row’s crit.

All in all, Kenpachi brings a ton of damage to your team, both in the form of his own attacks, but also his buffs.

Bleach Immortal Soul Kenpachi Character


Zangetsu is another amazing attacker in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

With a higher attack stat than Kenpachi, but lower defense, Zangetsu plays well on a team with some support or tank to keep him going.

Zangetsu’s rage skill is Getsugatensho, which deals massive damage to a column of enemies and applies a bleed to enemies affected for two rounds and lowers their rage.

His combo skill, Zangeki, also deals significant damage but comes with more than just damage.

Zangeki has a 20% chance to stun the target for 1 round, applies a bleed on the target for two rounds, and has a 60% chance to give Zangetsu 150 rage.

Lastly, his passive skill, Motivation, increases the skill damage of all your allies’ rage skill and gives all allies a 5% chance to be reborn for 1 round upon taking fatal damage.

Bleach Immortal Soul Zangetsu Character

Best tank characters

The second character role in Bleach: Immortal Soul is the tank.

Tanks’ specialty is their incredibly high defensive stats and often complementary skills.

Some tanks do, however, have skills that focus more on control than defense through stuns, etc., which is also very useful for your team.

To make a great team, you need at least one tank to keep your team alive for long enough to take out the enemy.

Here are two of the best tanks in Bleach: Immortal Soul.


If you’re looking for a tank for your team, Tessai is definitely one to consider.

Not only does he have great defenses, but he also packs some very useful skills to help the rest of your team in battle.

Tessai doesn’t pack a huge amount of damage himself, but he can silence his target at a 50% rate with his combo attack, Final Incantation – Bankin Fatal Seal.

Tessai’s rage skill, Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho, deals damage to a column of enemies while decreasing all enemies affected’s attack.

This rage attack makes your entire team tankier, not only Tessai, as the enemy’s damage output will fall significantly.

Lastly, Tessai’s passive skill, Urahara’s Shop Employee, increases his damage reflect, making him even tankier.

This passive skill also affects allies who are Urahara’s Shop characters at a higher rate.

Bleach Immortal Soul Tessai Character


Matsumoto is a tank with a specialty of silencing enemies.

She doesn’t offer boosts to allies’ defense like Tessai, but she will make sure the enemy team has a hard time dishing out their rage attacks.

Matsumoto’s rage skill is Nekorinbu, which deals damage to all enemies at once with an 18% chance to silence them all for 1 round. Silenced enemies can’t use rage skills, even when their rage is full.

Her combo skill, Growl, Haineko!, damages a single enemy with a 50% chance to silence them.

Lastly, Matsumoto’s passive skill, Very Lovely Soul Reaper, decreases the attack of enemy males when allied females use rage attacks.

Furthermore, this passive skill has an 8% chance to make the enemy males disoriented for 1 round, making them unable to take action and then attack a random character after the normal attack phase.

Besides her useful utility skills, Matsumoto has incredibly high defensive stats, making Matsumoto one of the best tanks in the game.

Bleach Immortal Soul Matsumoto Character

Best support characters

Support characters are often overlooked by players in RPG mobile games because they usually have poor damage output and low defenses.

However, support characters can be the deciding factor in battles, as their buffs, control, and utility skills can lockdown the enemy and boost your team.

Therefore, you might want to consider adding a support character to your team.

Here is one of the best support characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul.


Unohana is arguably the very best support character in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

Besides having incredible supportive skills, Unohana actually has some very high defensive stats as well, enabling her to stand her ground while helping your team.

Unohana’s combo skill is Unohana Niju Eisho, which damages an enemy and grants 50 rage to all allies in the same row as her.

Her rage skill, Minazuki, heals all allies on your team and grants them 100 rage, making this skill exceptionally useful in battle.

Lastly, Unohana’s passive skill, Compassion, buffs all back row allies’ damage rate and damage reduction for two rounds after Unohana dies.

While Unohana is alive, all enemies gain rage 20% slower.

This skillset, combined with her defensive stats, makes Unohana a worthy support if you’re looking to round out your team.

Bleach Immortal Soul Unohana Character

Bleach: Immortal Soul hasn’t added a lot of support players to the game, making your options few when looking for support heroes.

Unohana is, according to most players, the obvious choice if you need a support character.

We’ve ranked Unohana as A tier in our tier list and no other support characters above B tier.

Therefore, it’s difficult to recommend another great support character as none stand particularly out.

However, some support characters we’ve seen being used effectively and with success include Orihime and Urahara.

That’s our take on a tier list of the best characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul as well as the best attacker, tank, and support characters in the game.

If you have any input or suggestions for this tier list, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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